How To Install Latest NVIDIA Drivers Manually On Windows 10


Install Latest NVIDIA Drivers Manually: Generally, Windows handles drivers perfectly. It will analyze any latest hardware that you download, and fetch drivers for it. Make sure you don’t need to install the drivers yourself. You won’t even have to download them. However, Windows very well take care of everything also it periodically keeps them updated so that it’s very for you to have an older outdated driver.

Everyone expects and you’ll find these exceptions are common with GPU drivers.

Outdated GPU drivers

Well, GPU drivers blocked by 3 major factors:

  • Windows 10
  • Your computer/laptop manufacturer
  • The GPU manufacturer

Windows 10 blocking GPU drivers

Windows 10 also known to block some drivers that are based on the hardware of a system. Also, it’s blocking Windows Updates to some PCs due to the hardware didn’t meet some requirements. This blockade might or might not be valid but it happen anymore. Windows 10 thinks the newest drivers aren’t going to play well with your PC and its configurations so it blocks it. Also, it can move the other way around where the drivers of graphics block Windows updates.

PC/laptop blocking GPU drivers

The manufacturers of PC/Laptop don’t certainly block GPU drivers but when they do, it’s due to they feel the configuration of the PC, i.e., the other components might not work well with the newest driver installed.

GPU manufacturer blocking drivers

GPU manufacturers also block drivers from installing or downloading on a PC. The GPU manufacturer can’t enable the driver on your PC just due to you’re using a chip made by it. It might select to block a driver update if it analyzes you don’t have some security updates installed.

The reasons for blocking a driver update might be valid. So you must try and remove them if you can i.e install available security patches. But in case, if there are no blocks also the driver still can’t install, then you can manually install the NVIDIA drivers.

Manually install latest NVIDIA drivers

After installing the newest NVIDIA drivers on Windows 10 is quite easy and simple. You simply want the full name and version of the GPU chip. This article imagines that you won’t be able to update/install NVIDIA drivers using the Device Manager. If you aren’t tried yet, you must move down that route first.

Install from Device Manager

Follow the steps carefully:

Step 1:

Head over to Device Manager.

Step 2:

Then expand or spread Display Adapters.

Step 3:

Right-tap your GPU.

Step 4:

Choose the Update driver from the context menu.

Step 5:

Download any available driver updates and restart the PC.

Install the driver from NVIDIA

Supposing you were unable to install the driver from Device Manager, you choose the manual route.

Step 1:

Head over to NVIDIA’s website for drivers.

Step 2:

Use the different dropdowns to choose the specification for your GPU. You can then check the full version number from the Performance tab in the Task Manager. Also, choose your GPU and view it at the top right corner.

Step 3:

Move back to NVIDIA’s website. Choose the Product Type, Product, Product Series, and OS.

Step 4:

For Download or install type, choose ‘Game ready driver’.

Step 5:

Simply download the file it provides you.

Step 6:

Once you download it, execute the driver’s EXE file. By default, it’ll attempt to install the graphics driver and its gaming apps or drivers with it. When provided the option, choose the ‘NVIDIA Graphis Driver’ choice to install the graphics driver.

Step 7:

Enable the app to install the drivers then restart your PC.


Here’s all about “Install Latest NVIDIA Drivers Manually”. Installing or downloading drivers manually for any hardware isn’t difficult on Windows 10. Users don’t like to do it because it means searching the right website to install the drivers from, and checking out which is the correct driver for your PC, rather than other things. They’re also quite easier to roll back.

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