How To Install Tinder In China

Do you want to install Tinder in China? Rather than being blocked by the “best firewall of China,” with many other Western apps, Tinder is still an amazing alternative for meeting people and dating online, also in China.

If you are looking at how to install and download Tinder in China, the answer is quite simple. You just use a virtual private network or VPN for short. Just for simplified tricks for installing and downloading Tinder in China with a VPN.


Without much ado, come let’s talk about installing and downloading Tinder in China. The only needs for the installation are signing up. However, installing, and enabling a VPN service on your device. Of course, you want a good WiFi connection at all.

You can also get the WiFi connection in China on every street corner. But it’s the best choice to get a Chinese SIM card as well. After using a SIM card, you can easily use mobile data to access Tinder. However, don’t use the browser version of Tinder.

iOS and Android apps are quite better anyway. Install Tinder from the official App Store on iOS, or Play Store on Android devices. Here are the steps for installing Tinder instantly:

Step 1:

Remember that you are connected to the WiFi, and you have turned on the VPN and select your location.

Step 2:

Click one of the links above, depending on your platform (Android or iOS).

Step 3:

Then, hit Install located at the top of the screen.

Step 4:

Tinder will install and download automatically.

Step 5:

At last, click open when the setup finishes.

Then sign up for the latest Tinder account. Also, log into your current account if you already have one. Then, you can proceed further to use Tinder as you usual, matching with people in your locality.


China has some rules and restrictions, especially regarding the WiFi. They have managed to block some VPN providers completely. Hopefully, there are many VPNs that are working in China. Make sure the free VPN services have an absence in many areas, including privacy, speed, and effectiveness.

There are 3 VPNs for China: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and VyprVPN. Come let’s explain them briefly.


Express VPN is the best option in their branch for a while now, as it is the most trustworthy VPN provider with infinite access across the globe. They have servers added in 160 locations, fast connection, and, most necessarily, best encryption that keeps you secure and virtually untraceable.


Vypr VPN is the best option too. Also, it is a very popular, secure, and higher-speed VPN service. Vypr has the advanced Chameleon Protocol, that enables you to access virtually anything on the WiFi. It includes Tinder in China.


At last, there comes a Nord VPN. The VPN is also among our top VPN choices. Nord is very safe, secure, affordable, and essential. You won’t run into any issues with Chinese censorship while using this VPN.


China is quite different from Western cultures and civilizations. Also, Chinese people have quite a different mentality from westerners. Well, we are trying to say that you will experience particular groups of people on China’s Tinder.

However, you’ll experience people affected by the West in some way or another. They can be foreigners, students, or natives who actively pursue foreigners on Tinder. However, the Chinese people are very greeting, and generally, they like foreigners.

Some people on Chinese Tinder should have a fluent English accent. So you don’t feel difficulty in communicating, but there is one restriction. Make sure not all Chinese people use VPN services in China. It means you’ll view more foreigners than natives on the platform.


Also, China has many dating apps. Some app is quite similar to Tinder. Tantan would be the best example. As you can view, the app is available on the App Store or on the Play Store. However, Tantan is also available in English, which makes everything quite simpler and easier.

WeChat is China’s quite similar to Facebook. Everyone in China using it also has a much broader purpose than Tinder. We recommend getting on WeChat if you are in China, it will help you get in touch with your loved ones.

At last, you can also check out the Date in Asia. The app is a free, useful, and straightforward dating site. You can also use its filters to pinpoint your ideal match, but make sure it may take some time to find a perfect match.


Here’s all about “Install Tinder In China”. Make sure, the Chinese options to Tinder looks cool, but nothing beats Tinder. You just want Tinder is a WiFi connection and a VPN, easy as a pie.

Did you manage to find tons of matches on the Chinese Tinder? Which VPN did you select? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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