How To Merge Or Combine Videos On Windows 10

Do you want to combine videos on Windows 10? Video editing tools that are easy to learn, free, and feature-rich are very rare. Adobe Premiere Pro is subscription-based or feature-rich and quite complicated if you merge or combine videos and add a little bit of background music. Also, you can use the discontinued Movie Maker app which is very easy or simple to use, free, and provides the best features or you can also use the Photos app if you’re wondering to combine videos on Windows 10.

In Windows 10, the Photos app provides a basic editor that enables you to edit photos. Some people think that it can edit videos but you can merge or combine videos with it.

Combine Videos In Photos On Windows 10

Combine Videos On Windows 10

Initially, copy the videos you like to merge together into a folder. This is not necessary but it’s a good step to keep things manageable or organized.

Head over to the Photos app and move to the Folders tab. Then tap the Add a folder button, and then add the folder you just created and then moved the videos too. If you don’t add the videos to a folder, all you need is to add the location where the videos are stored. It takes a few minutes for the new folder/location to display up. It’s quite buggy so it takes time.

Step 1:

After you’ve added the folder, just tap the Create button and choose the “Create a video with music’.

Step 2:

Choose the videos you like to combine together.

It opens the videos in the video editor. Specify your project a name. Images automatically create or make a video but it will then trim the source videos down which isn’t what you want. Remove the videos from the editor Storyboard section, and then again add them by just dragging them down from the Project Library section.

Then, tap the speaker button or mute the music. Tap the Themes button, and choose No Theme. Allow the modification to be applied. Once you’re done, tap the Export button to save the merged videos.

That’s about all you want to do to combine videos on Windows 10 without using any third-party app.

The video editor is basic but you can also use it to trim video whenever you merge it. You can add 3D effects, custom music, text, and resize it. Its capabilities stop there. If you want a tool that comes with some basic audio editing tools you’re going to have to move with Movie Maker or an open-source solution that might be quite complicated to use.


So, after following the steps mentioned above you can easily merge videos on Windows 10. If you want to ask any questions or queries then let us know below!

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