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How To Move Spotify Playlists To Apple Music

Do you want to move Spotify Playlists to Apple Music? While switching from Spotify to Apple Music, you can move your playlists from one streaming service to the other using one many third-party apps that are available on the App Store.

In this guide, we’re going to use one app known as SongShift. Using this app you can do exactly that, as it’s simple and easy to set up. Also, you can test it for free before paying them a $3.99 in-app purchase that enables you to batch process more than 5 playlists.

Step 1:

Initially, launch the SongShift app on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Click Get Started.

Step 3:

Click the Spotify icon (you can also Force touch icons to identify them).

Step 4:

Input your Spotify password or username and then click Log in.

Step 5:

Click Agree under the next screen to allow the app access to your Spotify library.

Step 6:

Then, click the ‌Apple Music‌ icon and then click Authorize to allow the app access to your ‌Apple Music‌ library and then set a token.

Step 7:

Click OK to confirm.

Step 8:

Click Continue.

Step 9:

Then, click the Spotify icon and choose a playlist to transfer, then click Continue.

Step 10:

Click Destination and then select the ‌Apple Music‌ icon.

Step 11:

Click Create New Playlist.

Step 12:

Now in the Configuration screen, click Destination and input a custom name for the playlist as you want to like it to seems in your ‌Apple Music‌ library. You can then click OK.

Step 13:

Click Process and wait while the move “shift” ends.

The “shift” process might take some time. Also, it depends on how many songs are added to your playlist. But you can also begin queuing several moves and even close app and they will continue in the background. You can also turn on SongShift to alerts you when a move is complete.

Note: You can also keep tabs on a playlist transfer by checking the colored dots located next it. Green means processing done successfully. Blue means some songs are pending on the list. However, purple means recently processing, and orange means that a song can’t match or failed to match.


Here’s all about ”Spotify Playlists to Apple Music”. Is this article helpful? Have you ever face any issues while moving Spotify Playlists to Apple Music? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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