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How to Pin a Tweet – Pin Someone Else Tweet

You can also pin your own tweets to your Twitter profile. A pinned tweet shows at the very top of your tweets whenever you want, or someone else, go to your profile. This is mostly a good way to get past the limited information you can also enter in your Twitter profile. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Pin a Tweet – Pin Someone Else Tweet. Let’s begin!

You can also use the pinned tweet to share current events or news without having to edit your Twitter profile over and over. A lot of folks also use pinned tweets in order to share quotes or a Twitter thread they posted. The pin feature can only be used on your own tweets and most of the time, users find tweets by other accounts that are worth pinning. With a simple little workaround, you can also pin someone else’s tweet to your profile, but still, give them credit for it.

The trick actually lies in a simple retweet. When you click the retweet button, you have the option to retweet it, or to quote it in a tweet of your own. When you quote a tweet, the original tweet is attached to your tweet and then you can then pin your quoted tweet to your profile.

Pin Someone Else’s Tweet

how to pin a tweet

Find the tweet that you want to pin and then click the retweet button. From the menu that shows, select ‘Quote Tweet’. On the Quote Tweet screen, enter something, even if it’s just a period or full stop to your tweet, and then send it.

Now, hover over your Twitter profile. The tweet that you just quoted will be at the very top of your timeline. Click the little dropdown button at the top right of the tweet, and then select the Pin option.

This is actually one of those clever workarounds that Twitter users have come up with. We doubt that Twitter intended for the Pin function and also the Quote tweet function to work together like it. It’s a lot just like Twitter threads. Long before Twitter made it an official feature and also added support to tweet these threads. Twitter users were making threads by replying to their own tweets as well.

We also doubt this is something Twitter will turn into a full-blown feature. But a lot of users who come across useful Twitter threads mostly wonder how they can boost a thread. And also make it visible for a really long than a normal tweet’s visible lifetime. Pinning the tweet is the way to go and it’s really simple. You can pin someone else’s tweet from the Twitter web, as well as the Twitter applications. The quoted tweet comes up with a reasonable snippet of the original tweet and it also includes any images that were tweeted.


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