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How to Play No Mans Sky in Linux – Tutorial

no mans sky linux

No Man’s Sky is actually an expansive survival game set in a massive universe, that is filled along with different planets and star systems to explore. The object of the game is basically to explore the vast universe in your spaceship, colonize many planets you discover, and build things. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Play No Mans Sky Linux – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

The game never had a Linux release, and the developers have not ever talked about Linux support. But, because of evolving technology in Steam and Wine, it is also now possible to play No Man’s Sky on Linux. Here’s how you can get it running.

Method 1 – SteamPlay and Proton

If you guys have a Steam account, then the easiest way to play No Man’s Sky on Linux is with SteamPlay and Proton. According to the ProtonDB page on the game, there isn’t any serious bugs as well as issues avoiding it from running on Linux along with Valve’s incredible Windows runtime technology.

In order to start the process, you guys must get a copy of No Man’s Sky from the Steam store if you guys do not already own the game. It is actually USD 59.99.

If you want to purchase No Man’s Sky on Steam, open the client on the Linux desktop. After opening Steam, log into your account, and tap the “Store” button. Then, you have to find the search box, then type in “No Man’s Sky,” and click the Enter key in order to show search results. Tap on the game, you can add it to your cart and buy it. Or, if you guys prefer to purchase via a web browser, then tap on this link here, log into your account on the website.

After you guys have purchased a copy of No Man’s Sky from Steam, just open up Steam settings. Then tap on “Steam Play,” and enable it for all titles, in order to allow No Man’s sky to be installed on Linux.

When SteamPlay is turned on your Linux PC, and then tap on “Library” to head to your Steam games. Then, look through for “No Man’s Sky” and press the “Install” buttonin order to install it on Linux.

Now let No Man’s Sky download to your Linux PC. Whenever the downloading process is complete, then just click on the “Play” button in order to enjoy the game on Linux!

no mans sky linux


As stated before, the SteamPlay version of No Man’s Sky runs pretty well. But, it does not have a perfect rating on ProtonDB. So, if you guys run into some problems when playing the game, then make sure to refer to the No Man’s Sky page on the ProtonDB website for any fixes to problems you guys may encounter while enjoying the game too.

Method 2 – Wine

If you are not a fan of Steam on Linux, then it is still possible to play No Man’s Sky on Linux along with the help of the Wine runtime, and In order to start, then head over to the GoG website, and also create a new account.

After yo create a new account on the website, you have to find the “Store” button at the top and tap on it to head to the store area of GOG. Tap on the “Search for..” box, and type in “No Man’s Sky.” Tap on “No Man’s Sky” in the search results to head to the game’s store page.

On the store page, tap on the “Add to cart” button. Then, click on the cart icon and purchase the game as well. Right now, the GOG release of No Man’s Sky is 50% off, at USD 29, rather than USD 59.99.

When you have purchased the game, head to your games library on GOG and download No Man’s Sky. Make sure to choose the “Download Offline Backup Game Installers” option and not GOG Galaxy!

Setup Wine | no mans sky linux

Now that you have purchased No Man’s Sky from GOG, then you must install the Wine runtime on your Linux PC. So that the game will install as well. In order to install Wine, then follow this guide.

Install Wine

All of the major Linux distributions carry Wine in just one way or another, though under a different name. You guys have to open up a terminal window and then use the following command to install it on your operating system. Just like that, open Gnome Software (or however else you normally install software on your Linux PC). Then search for Wine, and press the install button to proceed.

sudo apt install wine-stable
sudo apt-get install wine
sudo dnf wine
Arch Linux
sudo pacman -S wine
sudo zypper install wine

Running Windows Apps | no mans sky Linux

You can use wine in two ways. Users can either open a Windows program via the terminal or along with the file manager on the system.

Through Terminal

For those who actually prefer to use the terminal, let’s see how you can run a Windows app. First, head to the folder where the program is on your PC through the CD command.

Note: if your EXE is not in the Downloads folder and is rather somewhere else. You have to change the command to suit your own needs. ~/ = /home/username.

cd ~/Downloads

Then, you have to use the Wine command in order to start the program.

wine windowsprogram.exe

Through The File Manager

Windows apps can also be launched (and installed) directly from the file manager. In order to accomplish this, just open the file management tool that comes along with your Linux operating system. Please keep in mind that each and every desktop environment is a little different. Settings and options will be different, relying on which one you’re running. Regardless of this though, the core idea remains pretty the same.

Even though the wine software is installed, then it doesn’t mean that it’ll open an EXE right away. Rather, you’ll have to set wine as the default program for “exe” files.

In order to launch an app, find the folder that it’s in, and right tap it. In order to reveal the context menu. Choose “properties” from the context menu, and then look for “open with”, “filetype options”, or something similar. Well, in this section, browse for wine.  Can’t find wine in the program list? Just look for an option in order to write a command instead, and write wine.

Head back to the file manager and double-tap on the exe. Wine will then open the Windows app and run it as well.

Install No Man’s Sky via Wine | no mans sky Linux

  • First, open up your Linux file manager, and tap on the “Downloads” folder. Inside of “Downloads” locate the No Man’s Sky EXE installer, and then right-click on it along with the mouse.
  • In the right-click menu, select the option “Wine Windows Program Loader” in order to open the installer on your Linux desktop.
  • When the installer launches, you’ll see a small box that basically says “Select Setup Language.” You can also select your preferred language and press the “OK” button to continue.
  • Following the language selection box, also a welcome screen appears. You have to read the welcome screen. Then, check the “EULA” box, and click the “Install” button in order to set up No Man’s Sky on your Linux PC with Wine.
  • When the installation is complete, you can then launch the game via clicking “Launch” in the installer. Or, double-click on the No Man’s Sky shortcut on the Linux desktop as well.


Running No Man’s Sky on Linux via Wine should be a really flawless experience. But, issues can happen. If you guys run into any problems when playing, then make sure to ask for help at


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