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How to Play OGG Files on Windows 10 – Tutorial

how to play ogg files on windows 10

Universal file viewers are actually not as universal because they claim to be. Some apps specialize in playing few types of files while others can play the more common ones. Such as, any and all media players can play an MP4 file, however, not all can play an MKV file. Windows 10 is the first version of Windows. That natively supports MKV files but there are also exceptions there as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Play OGG Files on Windows 10 – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

You guys will find there are some MKV files that Windows 10 still cannot play. This is because media files need a codec to be installed before an app can play them. If the codec isn’t there, then the file cannot be played. This is why you can’t play OGG files in Windows 10 as well.

How to Play OGG Files on Windows 10 – Tutorial

You guys have the option to install the codec needed to play OGG files in Windows 10, however, they come at a price. The good news is, Microsoft has released Web Media Extensions that permit you in order to play OGG, Vorbis, and Theora files on Windows 10 actually. The bad news is, it’s not really ready for its public release.

Install Web Media Extensions

In order to play for OGG files, you have to install the Web Media Extensions app via Microsoft. It’s an absolutely free app available in the Windows Store. Just install it, and you will be able to play OGG files on Windows 10.


This is basically a half-cooked solution. As per the app’s description, you guys will be able to play OGG files in Edge and many other apps. Those ‘other apps’ don’t really include the Movies & TV app, Internet Explorer, or Windows Media Player. Codecs are supposed to work along with any app that supports them so it looks as though Microsoft might also have released the web media extensions app prematurely.

There aren’t any apps that are able to read the codec and also use it to play these files just yet. It is possible that this has to do with a future version of Edge or a future build of Windows 10 as well


A really simple way to work around this limitation is basically to just use a VLC player instead. It’s also the closest thing there is to a universal media player and if you guys don’t already have it on your system, then you are missing out. The app is feature-rich and each and every media playback feature that Microsoft removed from Windows is more than made-up for in VLC player as well. It can also even play most MKV files but you will find exceptions here in which case you guys might have to use an app such as PotPlayer.

OGG, or .oga, and ogv files are not really common just yet, however, they are used for online streaming. They also support metadata and subtitles so it never hurts to have an app on hand that can actually play the file type.

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