How To Recover and Import Contacts On Skype


Do you want to recover and import contacts on Skype? The use of Skype is limited and if you are using it for just as long, then there might be a chance that you have quite a few contacts saved to it. Your Skype ID name can be a username or it can an email. They’re not difficult to find if you have either one of these 2 things but including lots of contacts is time-wasting. Here’s how you can recover and import contacts on Skype.

Recover Skype contacts

If you want to recover Skype contacts, simply visit your Skype profile in your browser. Move down under the page to the ‘Account details’ section. At the bottom of ‘Settings and preferences’, tap ‘Export contacts (.csv)’. A dialog box open to save the file. Choose where you like to store the file and your contacts will be recovered.

The CSV file also added everything a contact has included in their profile like phone numbers, Skype usernames, location, links, bios, many others. However, the file is not encrypted so you must be careful how you save it.

Import Skype contacts

Well, you don’t want to import Skype contacts. This is due to they’re all saved online. If you’re want to recover them up. Then they are still included in your contacts list. Also, if you were to remove a Skype account and create another one. Then you might want to take your old contacts with you. Unfortunately, you can’t import contacts from the CSV file that you restored. Here’s what you can do rather than.

Add contacts again

Head over to the CSV file that you recovered and move through the ID column. You will then view the ID that each of your contacts uses. You can individually include them. It takes some time but the restriction is likely there due to Skype can’t enable you to add/chat with users unless they approve your request.

Send contacts

It works only when you have not removed your old account. Simply add your new account as a contact to your old account and then initiate a conversation with it. Tap the ‘Send Contact’ button located next to the text input field.

A window opens listing all your contacts. Choose all the contacts that you need to import and tap Send.

All contacts sent to the newly created account and you can then tap the Chat button to include and chat with the user. You will still be sharing individual requests but you don’t have to copy-paste usernames from the CSV file into Skype.


Here’s all about ”recover and import contacts on Skype”. Have you ever face issues while recovering contacts on Skype? Did our guide help to back up or import contacts? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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