How To Recover Lost Or Old Notifications On Android

Are you the one who loses track of notifications daily? Do you want to recover lost or old notifications on android? Do you receive several notifications within an hour that often make it complex for you to find the important ones? Filterbox can resolve all your issues by filtering out unimportant notifications and keeping the important ones. It can also help you to keep your notification analytics or provide a brief look over your notification data.

Filterbox can also recover you’re missing and dismissed notifications if we look far back last month. You do not want any third-party services nor difficult ADB commands to do this. A simple click using the Filterbox application can also help you recover lost notifications from also a month ago. Come let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Note: First-time it is a free application for users using a 90 day trial period. After the trial period, make a payment of $3.99 through in-app purchases to keep using the app on your Android.

Step 1:

Install and Download Filterbox on your Android using this link.

Step 2:

Simply open the app and provide the permissions needed to function properly.

Step 3:

You will also view the home screen where Filterbox will begin keeping a log of all the notifications received by you.

Step 4:

You will also view two tabs under your screen i.e Filter & Analytics. Click on the ‘filter’ tab.

Step 5:

Now choose the ‘settings’ tab at the top of the screen.

Step 6:

Look for the ‘storage’ option and modify it to ‘30 days’. This will enable the app to make your notification logs for 30 days before they get removed.

Step 7:

To retrieve a notification just open the app and move away to find the notification on the app’s home screen.

Note: Now you will also find older notifications at the bottom of the ‘dismissed’ tab.

Step 8:

Click on the required notification after you found it and choose the ‘restore/recover’ option.

All done! Now your notification will be retrieved to the notification bar of your Android. Also, the notification will display the same icon as the original app. However, the name of the app termed ‘Filterbox’. It’s something you should remember while trying to look for your notification in the notification shade.


Here’s all about recover lost or old notification. You can also use this procedure to recover all your missing notifications easily and efficiently. We hope this article helps you t0 make the process quite easier and simpler for you. What are your thoughts on Filterbox? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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