How To Remove An Album In Photos App On Windows 10


Do you want to remove an album in the Photos app? In Windows 10 the Photos app can be used to both views and manage your photo library. You can also choose which folders the Photos app imports images from. If you plan in your management process that you don’t want a particular album, or also an imported source folder anymore. Also, you can erase them. In this article you’ll learn how to remove or erase an Album from the Photos app in Windows 10.

Delete a photo album

If you want to remove an album. Initially, open the Photos app. Then hit the Windows key, input “Photos” and press enter. Then, you’ll want to tap on the albums tab. Simply right-tap on the album, you like to remove then choose “Remove” from the context menu.

Then you’ll get a confirmation window asking to confirm that you want to delete the album. The confirmation will also remind you that removing the album doesn’t delete any of the images or videos it contains. Click “Remove” to delete the album.

Remove a source folder and its contents

To delete a source folder that Photos import images from, you simply want to open the settings. Simply tap the ellipsis icon located in the top-right corner, then tap “Settings” from the dropdown menu.

Directly at the bottom “Add a folder” button is the list of source folders that are recently used to import images into the Photos app. Tap the “X” icon located to the right of the source folder that you want to delete.

However, a confirmation window will also appear to confirm that you need to erase the source folder. It will also inform you that deleting a source folder will erase the images from Photos but won’t remove them from your hard drive. Simply tap “Remove Folder” to delete the source folder from Photos.


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