How To Remove Messages On The ClassDojo App

Do you want to remove messages on ClassDojo? Well, deleting a teacher account is quite obvious. There are 4 types of accounts in ClassDojo. These accounts are Teacher, Student, Parent, and School Leader. Every account has a different signup process. For example, if you’re a parent and mistakenly you have made a teacher account, you can instantly delete it. Also, if you’re both a parent and a teacher, you can then toggle between these two accounts easily. There is a complete guide on how to remove a teacher account.

If you mistakenly send a message to a wrong person, make a ridiculous typo then you can instantly remove the message.


Removing or deleting any message from a ClassDojo chat is quite easy. Just navigate to the message that you like to delete, and hover over it. From the left side of the message, a small X sign should appear, in the upper corner. Simply tap the X button and then confirm the deletion.

On the mobile or tablet app, simply click and hold the given message. Then remove or delete it and confirm.

On some other chat apps, you can also remove a message for you this way. But unfortunately, it remains visible for other users. But on the app ClassDojo, this action deletes the said message both from your and the parent’s feed.


However, some chat apps enable every involved party roughly the same rights, the ClassDojo app isn’t among them. Using ClassDojo, the teacher priority of control over the app more than the parents. Because it’s the teacher’s classroom.

So, parents can’t remove messages. Make sure to be careful about what you input as a parent as the teacher can view the whole chat history. It is good to be professional and respectful, rather than of your role.


Teachers can also download the whole chat history in a few easy steps. To install a full chat with a class or with a parent, head over to your profile. Simply navigate to the right corner of your screen and tap the profile icon.

Then, move to Account settings, followed by the Messaging tab (that is located on the left-hand screen side).

Search the Download message history choice and tap Download next to this choice.

A screen appears to have a list of every single class that you teach. Below, you’ll view the list of parents that you’ve chatted with. To installed or download all the messages in a chat, just click on a class name or parent name. You will then view a prompt about installing the chat history.

Make sure you download the history as a .txt file.


Also, remember that ClassDojo respects your messaging security. However, the teacher who receives the message is the only one who can view it. Also, other parents will be a part of the classroom, they can’t view your connection with the teacher.

Although you can maintain the messaging history. But make sure as a parent you don’t have direct access to it. You can simply request a history of specific correspondence with a teacher by asking to ClassDojo support at However, if you want access to the chat history, it’s suggested that you contact the teacher directly, to ignore any embarrassing situations.


Be careful and must know that only teachers can remove messages on ClassDojo, whether they’re textual entries, images, or stickers. Teachers can also delete whole chat histories as there’s no official confirmation. I hope that same rights provided by ClassDojo to the parents in the future.


Here’s all about “Remove Messages On ClassDojo”. Have you ever removed messages on ClassDojo? Feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below!

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