How to Reset this PC VS Fresh Start on Windows 10


On Windows 10, if your device is having issues, then you can reset it to fix performance problems, as well as startup, shutdown, memory usage, and also app issues. But at the time in order to push the reset button, Windows 10 actually offers two options. The “Reset this PC” option available via the Settings app, and the “Fresh Start” option. That is available through the Windows Security app actually. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Reset this PC VS Fresh Start on Windows 10. Let’s begin!

So, now the question arises: what’s the main difference between the two, and why you should choose one over the other?

In this guide, you guys will learn the difference between “Reset this PC” and “Fresh Start” to under the pros and cons of each and every recovery option.

Reset This PC | reset this pc vs fresh start


System Reset is a more aggressive form of the Refresh actually. In fact, in Windows 10, both Refresh and Reset are in the same dialog as well. You can also select which you want to pursue before starting the operation. System Reset is good if you want a clean slate, and it can be effective at deleting malware as well because it does a much deeper clean than the Refresh.


It removes your personal files as well as reinstalling the system files. It’s just the same as a total reinstall in that respect.


The “Reset this PC” option basically allows you to reset your device to its default factory settings not to fresh start. Through using the original custom picture created by your computer manufacturer.

reset this pc

This means that using this reset option, you guys will be able to reinstall Windows 10. However, it will also reinstall any piece of software (that includesd bloatware and trialware) and drivers that came originally pre-installed along with your device.

In addition, using the “Reset this PC” feature, you guys get the option in order to keep your personal files or have them remove during the reset process as well.

Mostly, you want to use this feature if your computer is not working correctly. Or you are preparing the device in order to sell it without giving away your personal files as well.

Fresh Start | reset this pc vs fresh start


Allows for a re-install of the most up-to-date version of Windows without even losing your personal data.


Deletes most of the apps from your PC.


The “Fresh Start” option also allows you to reset your device if you guys are having problems, but unlike the “Reset this PC” option. You guys will be reinstalling Windows 10 with the latest updates from Microsoft.

reset this pc

This means that using this reset option, you are basically installing a clean copy of Windows 10. Without even any bloatware, trialware, or drivers from your device manufacturer.

Although your files will be kept, you won’t find an option to delete everything on the hard drive.

Typically, you want to use this option if you guys are setting up a new device and you want to start fresh. Without even any third-party software or custom configurations from your device manufacturer actually.

In addition, this is perhaps the best option in order to fix startup and shutdown problems, as well as performance and battery issues too. But, after the process, you may need to reinstall some of the drivers if they are not detected by Windows Update. If applicable, you will also need to reinstall any app that came pre-installed along with your computer as well.

Although “Reset this PC” and “Fresh Start” are slightly different from each other. If you previously installed Windows 10 yourself, then using these recovery options are virtually the same.


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