How To Resolve Instagram Keeps Crashing On Android

Do you want to resolve Instagram keeps crashing on Android? After launching the Instagram app on your Mobile and view a message saying ‘Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped’. Then there few things to try to get it working. Some steps are quite simple so any user can try them. Come let’s take a look to resolve Instagram keeps crashing on Android.


Manufacturers are usually the best at keeping up with patches and updates. So that apps continue to work perfectly. But make sure if your app (Instagram) keeps crashing on your mobile phone. Then try one or all of the following instructions to get it working again.


If an Instagram app on your Android that’s having the problem, that’s where you should initiate. Come let’s begin at the starting and reinitiate the app. It could just have been a temporary defect.

Step 1:

Initially, Head over to Settings on your phone

Step 2:

Move to “Apps” in the settings

Step 3:

Choose Instagram

Step 4:

Click “Force Close” if the choice is available.

Select “Force Close” to remember that the processes running the application are can’t work in the background. Certainly, just swiping the app away can’t work alone.


The app cache is stored for temporary files Instagram wants to work perfectly. If any files are overwritten or defected, then it could be the reason for the crash. Wiping the cache will address that by pushing the app to load new files.

Step 1:

Head over to Settings

Step 2:

Move to Apps on your phone.

Step 2:

Choose Instagram

Step 2:

Click Storage.

Step 2:

Choose Clear Data and Clear Cache.

You should also view the required counters below change to zero if this was successful. Wiping the app cache is a popular resolve for many apps that crash. However, there is nothing goes wrong with the app, this is usually enough to get works again.

Also, it can’t remove any of your posts on Instagram. So, wiping the data will mean you’ll have to login again. Make sure you have all your account information and easy access to get verification details.


If Instagram is still creating the issue also after resetting the cache, it might be a mobile memory problem. Your phone uses RAM just like a PC so the system can have bugs. Also, if it’s just Instagram crashing and everything else is working well, a reboot could resolve it.

Simply reboot your Mobile phone then try to open the Instagram app. Also, it enables you to use the Instagram app. If not, you can also do a full Android cache wipe on your mobile device.


An instant update of the app may pause it from crashing on your Android. Simply open the Google Play Store and choose Check for Updates or Install All Updates if the app has already checked.

If Instagram was among the retest, update, and view what happens. If there was a code issue or a problem with the app. Also, it would usually be advertised but it might not always be the situation.


Before we redownload Instagram, it might be worth spending a minute searching for conflicts. Certainly, apps want to use the same resources and if one gets there first, it can’t enable other apps to access it. Do you want to make any modifications to your phone as Instagram first begin crashing? Do you want to install any latest games or apps around that time?

If you have currently installed an app, simply try to Force Close that app and relaunch Instagram. If Instagram can’t crash, it might be the latest install. Simply uninstall that app and then again set the Instagram for longer. If it is more stable, then it seems that it was the app you uninstalled having a clash.


Users claimed a problem with Instagram crashing on Android which also affected the Pixel 2 phones. Instagram instantly launched an update that resolves the application error.

When we say “wait it out” that doesn’t mean that you can’t have Instagram on your Android. One method is to pull the website up on your Android web browser, simply sign in, and add the page to your Android home screen. This is an easy and effective way to get your Instagram back up and running until a lasting solution is available


Supposing you have various apps crashing or none of the above has worked. Also, it’s time to survey problems with your smartphone further.

  1. Simply analyze that the smartphone software is up-to-date. However, if it’s not the current version of the software you’ll like to update it. If an application update but is no longer supports using an older Android version. Also, it will cause the app to crash.
  2. Simply run the smartphone in Safe Mode. If you’re having problems with several apps crashing running your phone in Safe Mode will allow you if the problem is in the device software. Something that has been installed like a file or an app. If the apps work perfectly, it’s definitely something you’ve installed. For most smartphones, you can long-hit the Power choices that display to input safe mode.
  3. Make sure that the phone’s storage is not full. However, Device storage can also affect the way that Android applications run. If the storage is full try removing some of the apps, images, videos, or files you do not use anymore.
  4. Simply factory reset your phone. Once you cleared the Android cache, the other step may be factory resetting the phone. Although you’ll like to have a recover so you don’t lose any data. However, if the issue with apps crashing preserves, set up the Android without recovery and add the applications back manually. If a defected file has been carried over through recovery, the issues will continue.


Here’s all about “Resolve Instagram keeps crashing on Android”. Have you ever experienced the issue? Is this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts below. Also, for further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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