How To Resolve Night Shift Not Working On External Monitors On macOS


Resolve Night Shift Not Working On External Monitors: We use Macs i.e Macbooks, iMacs, or a Mac Mini to use with external monitors. These amazing features on macOS work amazingly while using Apple manufactured hardware. But anything that Apple manufactures, or can’t carry its stamp of approval might work with all of macOS’ features. Night Shift is an amazing feature that was included a while ago to decrease blue/white light on the screen by shading it a warm color. It’s an amazing feature but it looks that it can’t always work with external monitors. Let’s take a look at how you can resolve Night Shift not working on external monitors.

Resolve Night Shift For External Monitors

There are 3 various ways you can resolve this issue. It is highly unlikely that it is hardware related issues so rather than you have an exceptionally old, square monitor. However, Night Shift also works on your external monitors.

Connect/disconnect monitor

The first resolve you should try, and it also tends to have a higher success rate, just to disconnect the monitor from your Mac. You can then also connect it again. Remember Night Shift is enabled when you do this. Once you connect it to the external monitor it should be shaded a warmer color. At last, you should also check the cable and the connectors you’re using to connect the monitor to the Mac. Once you damaged, they may be interfering with that feature.

Clamshell mode

This resolves is solely for MacBooks. Simply execute the MacBook in clamshell or closed-display mode. This certainly leads to Night Shift being triggered on the external monitor. When Night Shift initiate working with the external monitor, you can then execute your MacBook with the open lid if you want too.


Nocturnal is an open-source and free app that enables you to control Night Shift from the menu bar. Basically, it can enable Night Shift without moving through the System Preferences app. Also, it works well with external monitors. Install Nocturnal and execute it. Enable it to shade your external monitor and allow it to run for a while. Turn off it, and then turn on Night Shift. This will also resolve Night Shift not working using the external monitor. You can also erase the app if you want but it provides you a great, instant way to manage the shade of the screen directly from the menu bar so there’s no harm keeping it around.

One of the 3 solutions here should force to turn on Night Shift on your external monitor. If the first trick is what did the job but you must keep repeating the whole steps each time once you boot to your desktop, you must try to get new cables or connectors.


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