How to See Who Viewed your Facebook Profile


However, I am doing a little ego-surfing, I never miss checking my Facebook profile. There I can see a number of likes, comments, and sharing of my posts. This certainly boosts my ego. But at the same time, a question certainly pops up in my mind. That is there someone who viewed My Facebook Profile? Well, I found an answer.

Social media is a Pandora’s Box, and yes we also have to know its bad sides as well. Some people derive scoptophilia pleasure by watching photos and the private lives of others. If you think unknown persons breach your privacy. Then you can take action immediately. If you know somebody is visiting your profile lately, who is not on your friend’s list.

If you ask Facebook, the social media giant categorically says, “No, Facebook does not let people track who viewed your Facebook profile. Third-party applications also cannot provide this functionality. If you come across an application that claims to offer this ability. Then please report that application.”

However, our curious mind is always keen to find out friends and frenemies who are interested in viewing our profile. For such souls, we have listed a workaround. That will definitely help you check who has viewed your Facebook profile page. Enough talking, let’s get started with this process.

As for now, there is only one working method. You need to analyze the page source of your Facebook profile.

How can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

  • Open in Chrome or Firefox on your desktop. And then log in with your username and password.
  • Go to your profile page by clicking on your name from the left-hand corner.
  • Once you are on your profile page, then perform right-click on your mouse.
  • From the pop-up menu, click View Page Source.
  • Page Source is full of HTML text. Here, you need to type CTRL + F on the keyboard. If you are using a Mac keyboard, then type Command (⌘) + F.

who viewed your Facebook profile

  • Now, copy this code: “Initialchatfriendslist” and paste it in the search bar.
  • This command will then show you countless numbers placed one after another. These are profile IDs of your Facebook friends who have visited and viewed your Facebook profile page frequently.

who viewed your Facebook profile

  • Copy that number and paste the same next to Remember, you should be logged in Facebook. When you copy the number, do not consider -2, which follows each profile ID.

who viewed your Facebook profile

  • Upon pressing the Enter button, you can see the person who viewed your Facebook profile often.

You can perform the above action multiple times. Along with different codes, you must have found on Page Source.


There are many third-party applications and Chrome extensions. That claim to help you in finding persons who visit your Facebook profile most. However, these tools are not reliable at all so, you should try to avoid using it.


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