How to Set Netflix Sleep Timer on iOS Device



Do you guys fall asleep watching Netflix on your phone? Unlike its web version, the Netflix apps do not ask you if you are still watching. As long as the Netflix app is playing on your phone, the screen won’t really sleep. If you guys do fall asleep with the app playing, then your phone’s battery will drain to zero. There is a really simple way to automatically stop Netflix and sleep on your iPhone after a certain amount of time. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Set Netflix Sleep Timer on iOS devices. Let’s begin!

Automatically stop Netflix

The trick basically lies with the Clock app on iOS. It actually has a built-in timer that. Whenever it runs out, play a tone in order to alert you the timer is done. If you guys scroll down the list of tones that you can set for a timer. Then you guys will see an option called ‘Stop playing’.

What this does is, silently end the timer and in the process, it locks your phone actually. It does not really matter if something is playing on your screen or not. It can be the Netflix app or a music app, that the timer will return you to your home screen and then lock your phone when it ends.

If you want to use it for Netflix, guess how long you will be watching it. Open the Clock app and then head to the Timer tab. Now set the timer to match your Netflix time. Press the ‘When the timer ends’ option. Just scroll down the list of alert tones and click ‘Stop Playing’ at the end.

netflix sleep timer

How to Set Netflix Sleep Timer on iOS Device

Watch Netflix or any other video streaming app such as YouTube. It really does not matter. Whenever the timer runs out, you guys will return to your home screen and your phone will be locked.

You might think why apps just like Netflix prevent the screen from going to sleep. And that’s because if you guys are watching something, anything, that you guys do not want your phone going to sleep in the middle. It’s convenient whenever you’re watching and inconvenient when you fall asleep and also need away in order to close the app afterwards.

Apps, based on what they do, have the liberty to avoid the screen from sleeping. However, it’s mostly media apps and video players that actually make use of this, games might also use it as well. Some games may also use it as it is important for them. However, others may use it maliciously e.g. The longer the app remains on your screen, the more ads it can show you within the game as well.

We mentioned this works for literally any app so that if you don’t fall asleep watching Netflix. However, rather than go to sleep listening to white noise, or anything else, that you can use the timer in order to lock your phone after you have fallen asleep.


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