How To Share a Mouse and Keyboard Across PCs


Are you going to share a Mouse and Keyboard across computers? Synergy is a very popular app that enables you to share a keyboard and mouse across several PCs. It’s a paid app. However, if you like a simple and free way to share a mouse or keyboard across PCs, then provide Barriers a try.

Barriers are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, it’s free, and it’s open-source. It works quite well.

Share keyboard and mouse across computers

Install and Download Barriers on both the systems you like to share the mouse or keyboard across. Make sure you must decide which PC you wan tot share the mouse or keyboard from i.e., which PC the devices are actually physically connected to. Also, which PC you want to share it too. While installation, Barriers will ask you this so make the correct choice.

We shared the mouse or keyboard from a Windows 10 computer to a MacBook Air. We set the MacBook as a ‘client’. On the PC that the keyboard and mouse are being shared from, simply choose the ‘Server’ choice.

On the same PC, you have to choose how to switch input from the recent system to the one you’re sharing your mouse and keyboard with. It’s done by choosing a side of the screen to move the mouse to. You will then view the window. The PC at the center is the one the ‘server’ is executing on. Tap one of the four around it to choose a screen side. For example, I choose the left one so that when I move the mouse pointer to the screen left side. Then it moves to the Mac. Then I can use the mouse and keyboard from the Windows 10 system and link it with the Mac.

The app ensures that both end’s connection is secure. Also, and it is linked between the correct PCs. You will then view a prompt on the client PC asking you to confirm the server that’s trying to connect to it using the ‘server fingerprint’ which is quite long. Also, a very difficult code that you can view on the server PCs.

On Windows 10, Barriers also provide permission to integrate over the network.

Do you know how well it works?

It’s practically like moving a pointer between two monitors. It is quite smooth. The modification is in the ‘Control’ and ‘Command’ keys that easily registers while sharing the keyboard between a Mac and a Windows 10 computer. Also, there is no dally whatsoever. You can also modify which system is the server and which is the client any time you want to.


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