How to Stay Anonymous on Facebook While Using Tinder


Have you ever try to stay anonymous on Facebook while using Tinder? Tinder is the most popular dating apps available today. Many users maintain anonymity after using the Tinder application. However, the application also offers users to sign in via Facebook credentials, you may wonder if your loved ones can view your Tinder activity.

If you want to secure your privacy but using Facebook to log in, then it is possible. This guide will show you the relationship between Tinder and Facebook or stay Anonymous on Facebook While Using Tinder. Or else how you can easily ensure your security or privacy.

How To Use Facebook To Adjust Your Tinder Profile

If you’ve installed the Tinder application from the Google Play Store or App Store. A prompt appears to set up an account and sign in.

Tinder provides you the choices to sign in using your Facebook profile or use your mobile number to sign up for a Tinder account.

The Advantages Of Signing Up With Facebook

Well, using your FB credentials to manage your Tinder app has a lot of advantages. For ease of access, it’s quite easier to add your Facebook account into your Tinder app.

Users who initiate their Tinder accounts as an extension of their Facebook account will experience easier logins. Besides, using your mobile number to login to the application every time you use it. Facebook keeps you logged into the app.

Managing your profile is simpler and easier with Facebook too. While using timeline images, profile photo and other information are quite simpler if you provide Tinder access to your Facebook page. You don’t have to manually enter your personal information after creating the account this way. Also, Facebook will provide all of the confidential data to your latest account if you maintain a connection together.

Many users enjoy the rewards of using Facebook and Tinder simultaneously. From easier setup to simpler access and even account recovery, establishing the two together is the best app harmony.

Aside from the advantages, you concern about establishing your Facebook using a dating app. What if your official contacts and family members view something that they shouldn’t? What if your Facebook friends view that you’re using Tinder when you want to keep your use of dating apps private?

Will Your Facebook Friends Know You’re On Tinder?

Tinder can’t post anything to your Facebook, ever. There’s no alternative way for your FB friends to view your Tinder profile from Facebook. But they might view that you’re using the Tinder app.

Also, you take some security measures to remember you establish your privacy rather than the use of dating apps. For example Tinder through your Facebook account.

While using Facebook to sign in to Tinder, simply connect the two apps. Well, depending on your privacy settings, your Fb friends might be able to view your Tinder in your connected apps. Also, they can’t view your dating profile, this could cause concern for some.

Here’s how you can remember all your apps remain private:

Step 1:

Initially, head over to sign in to Facebook

Step 2:

Tap on the Down Arrow in the top-right of your PC browser

Step 3:

Tap or click Settings

Step 4:

Choose “Apps and Websites.” This choice is available in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Step 5:

Then search the Tinder App in the list of Websites and Apps

Step 6:

Tap on App Visibility. Now you can select your audience on Facebook. The safest choice is to remember no-one else can view it but you. Also, there is no reason to turn on others to view what apps you’ve signed up for using Facebook.

If the complete list of your apps is very long, then it’s quite good to filter it down to Active apps. That is, remove any apps from Facebook that you can’t view this time.

Also, it concentrates on the apps you’ve been using lately. Simply making the list of apps down to the ones you use is to consider privacy & security as the best option.

Once you find the Tinder app, simply modify its visibility.

Is There Any Alternative Way Your Facebook Friends Can Find Out You Are On Tinder?

After taking the above steps, your dating app security is safe on Facebook.

You may execute your Facebook friends on Tinder if they happen to fit your dating criteria. If you simply swipe right, they don’t know they seem in your stack.

Previously, there were many attempts to connect Tinder and Facebook more closely, but time has displayed that is not a good idea.

The Drawback

As your loved ones can’t likely to discover your Tinder activities using Facebook. However, Tinder has made mistakes. Also, you know the Tinder Social.

The idea enables people to manage group dates. It means including your Facebook friends in your dating life.

However, your Tinder activities can’t reveal to everybody. However, this feature connects you to Facebook friends who were also on Tinder.

Some people were on Tinder in secret or just wanted to secure their privacy. Also, the reveal deranges their personal life. The split of security caused an uproar, and many Tinder users went on to remove their profiles.

Disconnecting Tinder From Facebook

Tinder also organize that this attempt was the worst idea. Also, they plan to launch Tinder features that go beyond dating. While having an existing Tinder account establish to your Facebook account and want to disconnect it. Then you’ll have to remove your Tinder account and begins a new one.

The Tinder account is compatible by Facebook so there is no other way to disconnect the two while keeping them enabled.

If you select to remove your Facebook account you will, in the article that the two are established, lose your Tinder account as well. Also, it’s not good for either application, it might be good to set your Tinder account up separately from other social media sites.

Other Ways To Facebook For Signing Up For Tinder

What can you do if you don’t like connecting your Tinder with your Facebook profile in any way?

At this time, the best thing is to make a profile that uses your mobile number. You can also use a fake Facebook account. However, if this account gets removed, you’ll have to make a new Tinder profile anyway.


Here’s all about “Stay Anonymous on Facebook While Using Tinder”. Is this article helpful? What are your experience on stay anonymous on Facebook while uisng Tinder? For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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