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How to Stay Updated With News On Twitter

Do you want to stay updated with news on Twitter? It’s a fact that if you like quick knowledge of something that you don’t know or can’t find then Twitter is the best option. Also, Twitter is the most prominent tool for obtaining knowledge of what’s happening all around you.

You can also keep up with the latest news from all over the world in different ways. The following article will help you get the latest news updates on Twitter so that you can’t miss out on the modest piece of information.

Finding news publications to stay updated with news on Twitter

Initially, the basic way to get the latest news on Twitter is to follow the news publications. However, you can also select to follow publications from your locality.

If you’re the one who wants particular topics. Then simply you can follow publications that get you the latest news on the matter. To follow a particular publication, move to their Twitter account and click on the Follow button.

Making use of Twitter lists

Here are news outlets on Twitter that can’t get you the latest news. Also, their tweets should display firsthand to you.  Like me, it can’t take too much time for you to find out that keeping up using your feed on Twitter can be a little massive. That’s due to you’re not just following news outlets but also your loved ones keep up using their goings-on.

Simply input Twitter lists. Twitter provides users the option to build a list of chosen accounts and these lists can then be pinned to Home tab. However, these pinned lists can easily access by swiping left and right on the Twitter app’s home screen. Also, you can switch between various timelines based on your interests.

Step 1:

Initially, open the Twitter app on Android. Then click your account thumbnail located at the top left corner and then click on the Lists section under Profile.

Step 2:

Click on the New list bubble and create a list by adding a name and description for the list and then clicking Save. You can also make your list private and can’t visible to the public or the people you’ve added to the list by checking the box adjacent to ‘Private’ before clicking on the Save button.

Step 3:

Once you create the new list, you’ll return back to the Lists section where you can view all the lists you’ve created. If you want to pin the new list, click on the pin icon. You can then choose round about 5 lists as pinned and rearrange them as you select to access it better using your app’s home screen.

Step 4:

If you want to add the account to a list, simply move to the news publication’s account. Click the 3-dot icon at the top right, press the ‘Add to list’ option and choose the list you just created.

Step 5:

Now, access your pinned lists simply by swiping right and left on the app’s home screen.

Enable Push Notifications

You can get notifications from tweets of particular accounts by allowing push notifications for the respective account. Using push notification you can stay updated with news on Twitter. You can do so by following the steps below.

Step 1:

Initially, open Twitter and move to the account you follow that you like to get push notifications from.

Step 2:

Click on the bell icon adjacent to the ‘Following’ button, and choose ‘All Tweets’ from the popup menu. Now you’ll now be notified by a notification on your Android every time the account posts a new tweet.

Finding with hashtags

Besides on Instagram where you can follow hashtags, Twitter only enables you to search or tap on hashtags to get more content. But you can still take benefit of hashtags on Twitter. Simply by searching the required hashtag or various ones on the search bar. Also, navigating through the results using Top, People, Latest, Photos, and Videos tabs. For example, we input  ‘#coronavirus’ and ‘#pakistan’ and received the required results on Twitter.

Saving your searches

Twitter also permits you to save your searches for future use. During searching on Twitter with particular words and hashtags, you can click on the 3-dot icon in the top right corner of the search results page. Also, press ‘Save this search’. After doing so, the next time you press the search bar on the app, the saved hashtag or keyword will be visible under the Saved section for you to easily search with.

Surveying topics through the search tab

Twitter’s search tab sends the latest news across multiple sections. These sections include Trending, For you, News, Fun, Sports, and Entertainment. The sections offer the news that shared on Twitter and you can then view what people have to say about them by choosing a topic that’s available on the list.

If you want to discover topics using the search tab, follow these steps.

Step 1:

Initially, open Twitter and click on the Search tab at the bottom.

Step 2:

Click on any one of the sections available at the top i.e For you, Trending, News, Fun, Sports, and Entertainment.

Step 3:

Now move through the topics available under a particular section and click on them to see details and what other tweeps have to say about it.

Discovering trends by country to stay updated with news on Twitter

Twitter’s Trending section display you a list of topics that are very popular in a particular region. By default, the section displays the most recent and discussed topics on a worldwide basis. Also, you can modify it to show you the current topics that are very popular in the chosen country of your choice. If you want to discover trending tweets by country, just follow the steps given below.

Step 1:

Click on the Search tab at the bottom and on the search page, click on the cogwheel icon located at the top right.

Step 2:

Click on Trends location and choose a country you like to view trending tweets from. You can also enter the name of the country in the search bar.

View More Tweets By Adding Languages

If you want to explore trending topics by country, then simply expand your Twitter timeline to support more languages other than English. You can also add several languages to your timeline if you’re the one who learned more than one language so that you can’t miss out on news that isn’t available in English. You can also add more languages to your timeline by following these instructions:

Step 1:

Initially, open the Twitter app on Android. Then click on your account thumbnail and then click Settings and privacy.

Step 2:

Under your username, simply move to Content preferences and then Recommendations under Languages.

Step 3:

You’ll then view that English is selected by default. Choose more languages that you know and like to view on your timeline and then click Done at the bottom right.

Using Twitter advanced search

Twitter offers an Advanced Search feature so that you can tailor-search for results based on tweets from some accounts. Tweets using particular hashtags, a range of dates or particular phrases. You can also exclude tweets having words and phrases that you don’t want to view in the results.

Note: Make sure advanced search can only work with Twitter on web and isn’t available on the Twitter for Android app.

If you want to access Advanced Search on Twitter, simply navigate to and select from any of the following options to get to your required search results. You can also combine or merge any number of fields to get the required results that you want to.

Tweets by particular people

With the help of advanced search, you can purify your search results using tweets from a particular account. However, tweets can also sents replies to a particular account and tweets that mention a particular account. You can do so by moving over to and adding the username(s) of the account(s) in the required boxes under Accounts.

Tweets having certain words

Twitter enables you to find tweets with some words in them by making use of advanced search.

Here are some ways you can search for tweets using words:

  • Containing all words you mention irrespective of its position in the tweet
  • Using exact phrases (For example: “Throwback Thursday”)
  • Excluding specific words
  • Including a certain hashtag
  • In a particular language

Filtering tweets with replies or links

If you want to not include replies or tweets using links in them. Just move to Advanced search and toggle ON or OFF tweets using replies or links. You can also select to show results that only display replies or only show tweets using links or both or include all of them.

Filtering tweets by how well they engaged with people

You can also filter your results on Twitter by how good they were received on Twitter. In twitter, the social platform offers an Engagement section inside Advanced search allowing you to set parameters for the limited number of likes, replies, and retweets a tweet received in your search results. In that way, only tweets display that did well on Twitter and filter out the ones that went unseen.

Tweets sent before/after a specific date

In Advanced search, Twitter also enables you to search for tweets that were posted on a certain date. You can also search for tweets sent before a particular date, after a particular date or within a date range by using the calendar dropdown to choose a “from” date, “to” date or both.


Here’s all about “stay updated with news on Twitter”. Do you want to give it a try? Let us know your thoughts below!

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