How to Stop Siri from Listening on iPhone


Digital assistants like Siri are very common now. They are not only find in mobile phones. But they have also integrated into other platforms like smartwatches and computers too. The voice recognition of these digital assistants is a key part of their popularity, it makes interacting with them feel more human. To allow them to respond to voice commands, digital assistants listen through the microphone constantly. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Stop Siri from Listening on iPhone. Let’s begin!

Naturally, not everyone is happy with that. Thankfully there is a way to turn this feature off – this guide will walk you through the process of stopping Siri from listening to the microphone at all times.

One downside of voice recognition is that it is relatively processor intensive. As such, mostly cloud has voice recognition. However, sending all microphone data over the internet constantly would be infeasible. The solution to Stop Siri from Listening issue has been for Siri and other digital assistants, to have an activation phrase for which the voice analysis can be performed on the phone. When they speak the activation phrase, then the full voice recognition with the cloud connection is put in place.

Tip: The cloud is the name for a group of servers on the internet. They are generally owned by service providers. Rather than consumers and we use them to process and store data. So you do not have to process or store it on a personal device. In the case of Siri, Apple controls the Cloud servers and processes the audio data there.

Stop Siri from Listening

Siri’s activation phrase is “Hey Siri”. By default, if you say; “Hey Siri”, Siri will activate and start sending voice data to the cloud for analysis. The processing power they need to listen to for an activation phrase is significantly lower. Than for general-purpose voice recognition. But it still does reduce the battery life of the device. Furthermore, there are still false activations, where it did not speak the activation phrase. That can cause unintended and potentially sensitive audio data to transmit.

Reducing the battery life impact and protecting your privacy are both very valid reasons to want to stop Siri from listening for the activation phrase. This setting can be found in the Settings app under Settings > Siri & Search. The top-most setting is ‘Listen for “Hey Siri”’. Disabling this setting by tapping the slider to the “Off” position will stop Siri from listening for the activation phrase.


You can still activate Siri manually by pressing and holding the side button if the second setting, “Press Side Button for Siri” is enabled.

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