How To Track Location Of Phone Number


Do you want to track the location of the phone number? It’s possible. Especially in a world filled with fraud or spam calls and unfamiliar numbers – technology like TrapCall puts the power in your hands to view exactly where a call came from. After this, you can then take the proper action depending on your reasons, whether in a professional or your personal life. Come let’s take a look at how to track a phone number with these simple methods.

How To Track Location Of Phone Number?

How To Track Location Of Phone

If you want to get real-time results, GPS or IMEI call trackers can be used to track the location of a mobile call. Apps like GPS Phone & Locate Any Phones are the best with tracking mobile phones. Not just this but also when the mobile is not attached to the Wifi. You can also know the GPS coordinates of your mobile number within seconds. Also, you can track your mobile numbers through SMS or WhatsApp messages through these apps.

You can use these apps for tracking people you know.

How To Track The Phone Number Owner?

Track The Owner Of the Phone Number

If you want to track a phone number outside of your social network. Then have to use the web service such as Free Cell Phone Lookups by entering the phone number you like to track online, and then check the location of the owner of the phone. After you become a member of the service enables you to get a more detailed report on the phone.

You can also track the home address of the owner of the phone number. For this, you can use Whitepages. After you enter a number through this service, you can also track the home address linked with the phone number, pretty essential in case GPS tracking fails.

It scans public records on an individual or business to provide you with information on a person or phone number. However, the service is extremely essential when you’re tracking phone numbers and want detailed information.

But if you want to know about the location of your loved ones, want to know the location of your employees, find a lost mobile. Or else want to track down a spam call, phone number tracking is as real as you view in the movies!

How To Track Phone Number Caller ID Without Receiving Any Call?

Track Phone Number Caller ID

Phone number tracking can’t just stop at GPS coordinates. You can also track the name of the person via CNAM lookup. You should know the name of the person calling using their mobile number. It’s highly suggested that the service you use can’t cache the data! Lot’s of local phone numbers in the US register with the CNAM database, so you can track phone numbers in real-time.

It can also help you with checking the fake phone number being tracked. When a phone number has any fake or spam history linked with it, the service will show the number as ‘spam’ on your mobile. This is very essential to ignore wasting time on unwanted calls that can disrupt your daily routine!

How Ton Track When The Caller Is Unknown?

So what do you do when the mobile number is blocked and the caller is unknown? It’s very simple or easy. Try Trapcall to first unmask a phone number and then move ahead. But if you’re in the US or Canada, Trapcall helps you unmask all blacklist numbers, and after you know the phone number, tracking its location and other details becomes quite easy and simple.


Whether you want to track your lost phone, or you want to find criminal, there are lots of options to track phone numbers. Services built into Android devices or iOS like Find My iPhone and Lookout enables you to do a lot of things while tracking your own phone, such as playing a sound, sending a message, or just locking your mobile. Alternatives apps enable you to track phone numbers you get calls from. Tracking phone numbers is quite simple or easy!

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