How To Turn Off Fast Startup In Windows 8


Turn Off Fast Startup

Do you want to turn off Fast Startup in Windows? Whenever you shut down your PC, power from its components, like RAM, CPU, CD-Rom, and the hard disk is erased in a controlled manner. As opposed to connecting the power cable out, or a power outage, during the whole shutdown process, Windows closes all the open apps one by one and disable the PC in the end. When you boot the PC, it initiates in a refreshed state. You can also customize your PC to a great extent via third-party apps or default options. However, the local group policy editor is the set of parameters that enables you to control the behavior of your PC. Many of these configurations require restarting your PC to apply them. Windows 8 includes tons of new features and one of these is Fast Startup.

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Fast Startup Intro:

It is the new setting that lets your PC start faster than normal after saving system info to a file during the shutdown. The system information includes caching the registry and saving tons of system files. In this guide, we will explain to you how to turn off the settings. Not just this but also you’ll learn when is it required to perform a complete reboot. To turn off Fast Startup in Windows 8 dive down below!

System-wide changes require you to restart the PC. As it includes the whole process of quitting all apps, closing down the system, powering it back on, and then rebooting everything from the start. Certainly, whenever you restart your PC to apply a change, you plan to close it down if you have to move somewhere. When Fast Startup is enabled, the shutdown and reboot can’t apply the new settings. As the system information is loaded and saved from a file, every change that needs a complete cold reboot is not applied. To avoid this, you can disable the Fast Startup in Windows settings.

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How To Turn Off Fast Startup In Windows 8:

Fast Startup

If you want to turn off Fast Startup in Windows then follow the steps below!

  • Head over to the start screen and input Power Options.
  • Tap the Settings tab on the right side and choose ‘Change what the power buttons do’ from the left side.
  • When you open the System Settings window. Dive down to the Shutdown settings section and unmark the Turn on fast startup option.
  • Whenever the Shutdown settings options are greyed out, move back up the window and tap the Change settings that are currently unavailable option to modify them. Tap Save changes button under it to confirm the selection.
  • That’s all about it, you can now successfully turn it off and Windows will start normally.

While the procedure of turning off Fast Startup might simple and clear in the shape of long boot times. You probably don’t want to disable it at all, since even with the default settings, you can always have a choice for a reboot whenever you want a refresh of the system settings.


Here’s all about ‘Turn Off Fast Startup’. Is this article helpful? Do you know any other alternative method to turn it off? Share your thoughts with us in the comment down the section below. Also, for further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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