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How to Turn Off Microsoft Edge Search Suggestions

After the Microsoft Edge, when you begin typing search queries into the address bar you get a recommendation from your default search engine. If you don’t like to view those anymore, here’s how to turn off Microsoft Edge Search Suggestions.

Turn off Search Suggestions in Microsoft Edge

Come lets start, launch Microsoft Edge and select the Options button (three dots) in the upper-right corner and choose Settings.

Next from the Settings page tap on Privacy and services. Move down on the page and select the Address bar under the Services section near the bottom.

Also, on the next page disable the “Display/show me search and site suggestions using my typed characters” switch.

Make sure here you can also modify the search engine for Edge, too. However, it’s set to Bing by default, but you can modify it to any other one you like including Duck Duck Go or Google. If you want to learn more read our guide on how to modify the Microsoft Edge default search engine.

That’s all done. After typing search queries into the address bar, you’ll no longer view a list of suggestions for your default search engine. However, you will still view suggestions from your search history from your favorites.

Make sure that the latest Edge based on Chromium is cross-platform. Also, it’s available for iOS, Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, and Android devices. If you can’t use it yet, let’s check our tutorial on how to download Microsoft Edge.

After installing check out our guide on how to use it including how to allow Edge tab previews. Or, our first thing you’ll like to do is to learn how to download and install Google Chrome extensions. And for more tricks and tips for using the browser, remember to view through our archive of Microsoft Edge articles.


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