How To Turn Off Startup Apps On Windows 10


Have you ever try to Turn Off Startup Apps On Windows 10? Apps can also be set to automatically run once you boot to your PC. However, it enables you to have the apps ready to use once you want them. While having a preferred tool for capturing screenshots, and oftenly take screenshots, you will need the app to be executing all the time without the inconvenience of having to manually open it.

The drawback is that once you have many apps set to execute at startup. However, it takes Windows 10 time to complete starting up. However, it means you don’t need to wait before you can get to work. Head over to other apps or access files without dragging the PC down.

If you want to trim the apps that execute at startup, you can turn off them easily.

Turn Off startup apps on Windows 10

There are three various methods to turn off startup apps. Also, you probably have to try all three to get a specific app to stop running at startup.

Turn Off startup apps from Task Manager

This is the quite simplest way to use and it will work in some situations.

Step 1:

Right-tap the taskbar and choose Task manager from the context menu.

Step 2:

Head over to the Task Manager, move to the Startup tab.

Step 3:

View for the app you like to stop from executing on startup, choose it, and tap the turn off /disable button at the bottom right.

However, it stops the app from executing at startup but if it is already running. Now you’re going to have to close it yourself.

Turn Off startup apps from app settings

Some apps that run at startup can’t seem in the Task Manager. Rather than, the startup is also controlled from the app’s settings.

Head over to the app that you know is executing at startup. Also, and move to its settings. Now view for anything that is related to startup, or for general settings. If you view a choice to execute the app at startup, unmark it.

Turn Off startup from folder

All startup items, or some of them, appear in one folder. If you delete an item from this folder, then it can’t execute at startup.

Step 1:

Click the Win+R keyboard shortcut to open the run box.

Step 2:

In the Run box, input the following.

Step 3:

Now view through the shortcuts to apps, and delete whatever you want. It can’t uninstall apps.


On a standard user account, and an app continues to execute on startup. It is quite possible that it has been set to do so by the admin account. Simply use the admin account to delete an app that you don’t want to execute while booting to the desktop.

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