How to turn screen off on Pixel 3 when charging with Pixel Stand


Remote chargers aren’t some tea. While many love the cutting edge part of it, others locate the whole arrangement excessively confining. On the off chance that you are a piece of the previous, you may have just put resources into an appropriate remote charger for your Pixel 3. When you charge the gadget on Pixel Stand, it demonstrates a touch of data and keeps itself faintly lit. On the off chance that that sometimes falls short for your taste, you can mood killer the showcase totally utilizing the arrangements given underneath.

Google has built up a truly incredible remote charger for its upheld

  • Pixel gadgets
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL  called the Pixel Stand.

The Pixel Stand offers up to 10W of remote charging to the Pixel 3 couple, beating up the two gadgets quicker than other outsider remote chargers.

We as a whole ability extraordinary the Pixel Stand is, however it accompanies an inborn element that can feel somewhat irritating to a few. While your Pixel 3 is docked, the Pixel Stand never truly enables your gadget to kill its screen. You can press the power key to bolt it. However, it lights up just two or after three minutes.

In case you’re, as well, disappointed with Pixel Stand’s shenanigans, there are two or three strategies you could attempt to make everything dull.

Enable ‘Screen off when dark’

Stage 1:

Open your Pixel’s Settings application. At that point tap “Associated gadgets”.

Stage 2:

If you don’t discover “Pixel Stand,” tap on “Recently associated gadgets”. Contiguous Pixel Stand, tap on the Settings symbol.

Stage 3:

Turn on “Screen off when dull”.

Impair the application

To ensure the Pixel Stand doesn’t awaken your Pixel 3 gadget, you could prevent the application from having control of your Pixel 3/3XL when charging. To do that, basically, search for the Pixel Stand application and incapacitate it.

You can look for the application by its name by utilizing the inquiry bar at the highest point of the Settings application. Or then again, discover it physically here: Settings > Apps > All applications > 3-speck menu in the upper right > Show framework > type Pixel remain in the inquiry bar at the top > Tap Pixel Stand application. Tap Force close (power stop).

On the off chance that even the above doesn’t help, there is another stunt you can put to utilize.

Use Tasker to mood killer the presentation

Stage 1:

Install the Tasker application from the Play Store.

Stage 2:

Open the Tasket application. Make another Profile:

Tap the + symbol in the base right > Type the name of the profile > Tap the checkmark catch > Tap State > Tap Power > Tap Power (once more) > Make sure ‘Any’ is chosen as Source > Tap Back catch to spare the profile.

Presently, we have the express that the framework needs to watch. That is, the charging condition of the gadget. Presently, how about we give this an assignment to do.

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Stage 3:

Create another Task.

Tap the ‘New Task +’ catch > Type the name of the errand in the base right > Tap the checkmark catch > Tap the + catch in the base right > Tap Display > look down and tap Turn Off > Tap the back catch to spare it.

Stage 4:

Your landing page of the Tasker application will resemble this now. It will demonstrate the profile with the gadget state as Power (any), with the notice of the assignment to run (Task1 in the screen capture beneath).

Stage 5:

Time to test our Tasker work. Put your telephone the Pixel Stand now and see it the showcase turns off or not. it should mood killer.


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