How To Unblock Adobe Flash Content in Browser

If you are looking to unblock Adobe Flash Content in the browser. Then you are in the right place. If you are fed up with trying to open content in your browser just to get an error message saying that Adobe Flash content is blocked. Then this article is for you. It doesn’t matter which browser you are using. We’ll display you how to unblock Adobe Flash content so you can begin enjoying video and animated content. It can also be used to go-to software for online video and animated content.

How to Unblock Adobe Flash Content in Browser

Unblock Adobe Flash in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browsers on Windows devices. But has been at the forefront of efforts to bring dependency on Flash.

Auto9matically, Flash content is blocked on Google Chrome and the browser automatically indicates it with a jigsaw piece icon.

To unblock Flash content on Google Chrome, do this by following these simple steps.

Method 1

Step 1:

Tap on the Jigsaw piece icon.

Step 2:

Choose the Allow

In some situations, it enables Flash content to execute. But in case, if the Allow button is not available then simply configure Google Chrome’s Flash settings manually. The entire process is not difficult but there are some different steps you want to follow:

Step 1:

Tap the Customize Google Chrome button to open the browser’s menu.

Step 2:

Then tap Settings.

Step 3:

Move down to the bottom of this page and then tap Advanced.

Step 4:

In this advance menu, simply tap on Contents Settings and then choose Flash.

Step 5:

Once done it opens the Flash settings menu. If you want to unblock Flash content in Chrome you simply need to switch the Block sites from executing Flash setting to Ask first.

After you save this change, besides automatically blocking access to Flash content, Google Chrome asks you for permission to execute this content. Whenever you agree, now you must be able to enjoy any Flash content you want in Google Chrome.

If there are some websites that you can use daily that execute Flash content and keep other sites blocked. Then there is another choice present within the Flash settings menu on Google Chrome that you can take benefit of.

At the bottom of the toggle bar for blocking sites or asking permission is a section. In this section, you can define particular websites you want to automatically enable to use Flash without permitting them.

Method 2

If you want to unblock Flash for a particular site open it in Chrome and:

Step 1:

Press the Site Information icon.

Step 2:

Then tap on Site Settings.

Step 3:

Underneath the Permissions, you can simply view the Flash being Blocked by default. Modify that to Allow and refresh the page you were on.

Unblock Adobe Flash in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the choice of every user and default browser in Windows. But like Google Chrome, it automatically blocks access to Flash content.

When you move to a site that is using Flash. A dialog box appears saying that Adobe Flash content has been blocked. Then it’ll ask you ‘Do you want to enable Adobe Flash to execute on this site?’.

There are two choices for you to select:

  • Allow Once – This will enable the Adobe Flash content to execute on this occasion but you will be asked next time whenever you visit the site.
  • Allow Always – Also, it tells Microsoft Edge that you always want to enable Flash to execute when you visit this site. Then the Edge will remember next time whenever you visit and play Flash content automatically.

In case, If the dialog box can’t open automatically whenever you visit a site using Flash. Then you want to switch Edge’s Adobe Flash Player setting on. It’s quite easy to do. Simply follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Tap the Settings and More button located at the top right corner of your Edge screen.

Step 2:

Choose Settings followed by View Advanced.

Step 3:

On the settings list, there is an option to use Adobe Flash. Turn the button On.

Once you enable it, Microsoft Edge should begin to enable you to use Adobe Flash.

Unblock Adobe Flash in Firefox

Mozilla modifies its Firefox browsers configurations for Adobe Flash. However,  However, the default setting for all users of Firefox is now Ask to Activate.

It means that Firefox can’t automatically run Flash content but besides ask users for permission to do so first.

Also, it does this by showing an icon. The icon informs you that the website you are visiting is executing Adobe Flash and asking you to tap Allow before it runs the required content.

Mozilla Firefox also provides users the choice to automatically enable sites to run Adobe Flash content. But you simply switch this on manually. For doing this, you want to follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Tap Open Menu located in the top right-hand corner of the Mozilla Firefox window.

Step 2:

Choose Add-ons. As it opens a new tab with the add-ons menu.

Step 3:

Choose the Plugins

Step 4:

After the Shockwave Flash tab is one box marked choices and next drop-down menu that will display as Ask to Activate.

Step 5:

Tap on the down arrow and select Always Activate.

After saving all these changes, Mozilla Firefox should also enable all Flash content to execute automatically.

Other common Adobe Flash Bugs on Windows devices

However, the Flash-blocking error is the common error that Windows users encounter, there are some other common problems that also arise.

2 common error messages raise most frequently with us are:

  • Content on the page needs the latest version of Adobe Flash Player – It’s a common error when a website needs content that uses an older model of Adobe Flash. After visiting the site using a modern browser that automatically blocks Adobe Flash content. It is not unusual for this error to appear beside the usual blocking message. Resolving this error is like the website owner has to do.
  • You must turn on Adobe Flash just to view this content – This is the second type of blocking error message. It means the same as a message saying you Adobe Flash content is blocked in this browser. If you want to deal with error message simply follow the tricks mentioned-above for your browser of option. After you provide permission for the browser to simply use Adobe Flash, then the error can’t reappear.


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