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How to Unpair Apple Watch without Phone

If you are getting a new Apple Watch or iPhone, getting a replacement, or selling either device you will want to unpair your Apple Watch first. You can unpair your Apple Watch with or without your iPhone and also an option if you have forgotten your Apple Watch passcode. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Unpair Apple Watch without Phone. Let’s begin!

Before unpairing your Apple Watch make sure to back up all your information. If you backup your iPhone with iCloud or iTunes an Apple Watch backup is automatically created on it. Note that backups must be encrypted for all the data to save in the Apple Watch backup when you are using iTunes.

How to unpair an Apple Watch

Unpair with your iPhone

If you have the iPhone your Apple Watch is paired with, then completing the unpairing process is best done through the Watch app on your iPhone.

  • Make sure your Watch is close to your iPhone and open the Watch app
  • Click on the My Watch tab at the bottom if not already there
  • Click on the Watch you’d like to unpair
  • Then tap the to the right of your Watch
  • Tap Unpair Apple Watch, then click Unpair again
  • Enter your Apple ID Password and then  tap Unpair

The reason this is the best method to use (when possible) is that this will erase the Watch from your account, disable Activation Lock, and also remove Find My Watch.

how to unpair apple watch without phone

Unpair Apple Watch without iPhone

If you do not have your iPhone or can’t navigate to the Apple Watch application on another device. Then you can still remove the Apple Watch with this method. The only problem with it is that it does not remove Activation Lock, so we are going to explain how to do that in the final step.

  • First, put your Apple Watch on its charger
  • Press and then hold the side button as if you were going to power it down
  • Do a firm press on the POWER OFF slider and then let go
  • Then click Erase all content and settings

Here’s what you will see as you go through this process this way:

Alternately, you can go to Settings → General → Reset to remove and unpair your Apple Watch if you know your passcode. However, the option above is faster.

If you need to remove and unpair your Apple Watch without your iPhone. Then you can log on to and remove your Apple Watch under Settings → My Devices.


You guys may have to make some choices about your data plan at this point. If you do not want to use your cellular plan with this particular Apple Watch in the future, then remove it. Confirm that you want to remove all content. This will unpair your Watch and then restore it to factory settings.

Your Apple Watch is removed, but the Activation Lock has to be removed before anyone else will be able to use it. To do so go, to on a computer or laptop and sign in. Click on Find iPhone > All Devices, and then choose your Apple Watch. Tap Remove From Account. You are done! It’s now absolutely safe to pass your Apple Watch on to someone else.


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