How To Update Ubuntu PPAs To The Latest 20.04 Launch


Do you want to update Ubuntu PPAs to the latest 20.04 launch? While using many PPAs on your Ubuntu PC and currently upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04. Then you might notice that some PPAs are not working, or else they’re set to 19.10 or 18.04.

To resolve this issue, you want to update Ubuntu PPAs. The problem is, lots of Ubuntu users don’t know how to edit existing PPAs to modify them to the latest launches.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to edit existing PPAs on your Ubuntu system to make them work with the latest 20.04 release. We’ll also move over on how to turn off non-working ones.

Editing PPAs

If you want to edit a PPA on Ubuntu. Simply head over to the software sources editor. Simply open your app menu and looking for “Software & Updates.” Once done, launch the app to open it on the desktop. Once it is open on the desktop, follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to edit your required PPAs in the GUI.

Step 1:

Initially, take a look at the “Software & Updates” window for the “Other Software” tab. In case, if you can’t find it out, then it’s to the right of the “Ubuntu Software” tab. Tap on the “Other Software” tab. Once tapped, you’ll then view a list of third-party PPA turned on your Ubuntu Linux system.

Step 2:

Move through the list for URLs that initiate with “,” and analyze the box located next to it to turn it on. However, Ubuntu certainly turns off PPAs from the earlier models during an upgrade. While having a PPAs that are from earlier launches of Ubuntu that are not turned off, skip them and go to Step 3.

Step 3:

Tap on a PPA using the mouse to choose it. Once you choosing it, locate the “Edit” button, and tap on it with the mouse. By choosing “Edit,” an editing box appears on the display screen.

In the editing box, you will then view different columns. These columns are “Components,” “URI,” “Distribution,” and “Comment.” Simply locate the “Distribution” column, and tap on it via mouse. Then, remove the existing distribution text from the column.

Step 4:

After removing the required text in the “Distribution” column. Simply write in “focal” to modify the PPA from the earlier Ubuntu launch to the latest Ubuntu 20.04 one. Make sure to modify the “Distribution” column for every single PPA in “Other Software.”

Step 5:

Tap on the “OK” button to shut down the “Software & Updates” edit window. Once the window is shutting down, tap the “Close” button under “Software & Updates.”

Step 6:

Once you tap the “Close” button in the “Software & Updates” window. Then you’ll view a window saying that your software sources are out of date. Tap the “Reload” button to refresh them.

Remove non-working PPAs from 20.04 LTS

Certainly updating a PPA to work on a new launch of Ubuntu can’t work well. When it is happening? Oftenly those who create PPAs can’t make an effort to support the newest models of Ubuntu right away.

But here, we’ll display you how to get rid of those non-working or irritating PPAs instantly. Initially, Head over to “Software & Updates.” Then, follow the steps carefully:

Step 1:

Look for the “Other Software” column, and tap on it using the mouse to access all existing PPAs on your Ubuntu Linux system.

Step 2:

Also, view through the list of PPAs on your PC for the ones that can’t work on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. After finding the non-working PPA, simply do the two things.

You can temporarily turn off the PPA. However, it means that Ubuntu can’t access to it, and won’t be able to install software from it. Also, at any time, it can be turned on. Such as, when the PPA maintainer plans to include Ubuntu 20.04 LTS compatibility. On the other hand, you can turn off it forever.

To temporarily turn off a non-working PPA, simply tap the check-box located next to it and shut it off.

To turn off a non-working PPA forever. Choose it with the mouse. Then, tap on the “Remove” button.

Step 3:

Look for the “Close” button under the “Software & Updates” window. Also, tap on it with the mouse to exit the PPA editor. After exiting the PPA editor, simply view a message appear on the screen.

In this text, Ubuntu also asks you to reload your software sources. Tap on the “reload” button to refresh all sources of software.

Once it is refreshing, the non-working PPAs will be deleted.


Here’s all about ”Update Ubuntu PPAs to the latest 20.04 ”. Have you ever face while updating Ubuntu PPAs? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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