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How To Upgrade To MIUI 11

Have you ever try to upgrade to MIUI 11? MIUI is a mobile OS for both tablets or smartphones that are based on the most popular operating system, Android. It is a Chinese product of the company that makes Xiaomi phones that compatibles with the Android Operating System. However, OS also comes with amazing themes and features.

The Chinese company Xiaomi has made Android phones that ran on the previous versions of android. But they are currently slowing migrating to their OS, MIUI. Some Xiaomi phones get one Android model’s update and 4 years MIUI upgrade.

This process limited the Xiaomi phones access to some applications or features. MIUI Operating System now available on different Android phones and tablet brands. Such as Pixel, One Plus, Google, Sony, Samsung, Nexus, and HTC. Recently, the OS has a user base of over 200 million users and can be installed or run on over 600 phone versions.

The MIUI successor was officially launched in October last year in China. Also, it has made its way across mobiles from the globe. It launched amazing features and upgrades that excel the MIUI 10. After that the updated plan (that enables other mobile devices to migrate to or update their OS to MIUI 11) for the phone batches that were compatible to run on MIUI. Some compatible devices can apply for MIUI or install and download it on their devices. So, if you are searching to upgrade your device to the newest MIUI OS then you have come to the right place.

How to Upgrade to Miui 11

Come let’s take a look at how to upgrade your Android phone or tablet to MIUI 11. Initially, you want to ensures that your mobile belongs to the list of compatible devices.

If you check that your mobile model or brand supports MIUI 11. You can then upgrade to it like a normal upgrade with some Android phones. Simply navigate to Settings on your mobile device and tap on PC updates. Usually, it is found in “About Phone” under the settings menu. If you are in PC updates then move to Check for Updates. However, the updates list available should display a file that is in the size of 766 MB and has the name MIUI v11.0.2.O.PFJINXM or something quite similar to having MIUI v11. The code upgrades your OS to MIUI 11. However, it depends on your network speed, this might take a while or just a few minutes.

Once done your mobile may take many minutes installing the MIUI 11 OS. Simply restart your phone to move to MIUI 11 OS once it’s done.

But if your Android, however, can’t get MIUI 11 update in settings but you are +ve it compatibles MIUI 11 then do a method by moving your region. Simply move to settings, disable your location, and modify your region settings to India or China. Once done simply reload your phone and still move to settings to view for updates. Also, you have a good WiFi connection. Also, download MIUI 11.

WeChat and Miui

An alternative way to get MIUI OS on your Android phone is by using the application with WeChat. If your phone was among the compatible devices then it’s a good chance to having a WeChat account. Tap on WeChat application in apps and input MIUI in the search bar of the official accounts. It shows a dropdown menu using MIUI as an account. You can simply fellow and contact their official page for an app code that will share with you shortly. Simply copy the application code. However, the code comes with a button “抢先体验”. It means initially experience the MIUI 11 features. Tap on this button, and then sign in to your Xiaomi or WeChat account. A prompt appears to input the application code you copied and make sure to tap the terms and agreement box before you tap enter.

Once your application’s submission is effective. Then simply await the approval. Normally the application approval process takes few minutes. But it might be longer with the recent global lockdown. Once it gets accepted, however, simply install and have access to all the MIUI 11 features.

Features of MIUI

If you are not sure of what detecting to MIUI 11 OS requires then here are some of the extra features that were launched by them.

  • MIUI 11 also offers to light up alerts that can light up your screen also when it is locked, that is prioritized alerts.
  • It has instant replies turned on which means you can also reply chats in the center of anything. (Distraction much?)
  • Also, customizes wallpapers using personal signatures anyhow you want it.
  • Also, Gaming toolbox 2.0 has features that turn on users to move between calls, chats, movies, and anything in the background without ending or pausing the sessions of the game.


Here’s all about ”Upgrade To MIUI 11″. Have you ever face issues while upgrading to MIUI 11? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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