How To Use a Windows 10 Laptop With The Lid Closed


Do you want to use a Windows 10 laptop with the Lid Closed? As you’re usually out and typically work from your laptop since you want to take it without wherever you move. But, when you’re home, you have the chance to connect it to a larger monitor.

This makes working quite easier if you have easily view info on two various windows without having to squint.  You could also use your PC when the lid semi-closed. But the majority can find that irritating and would prefer to have their PC work when the lid closed.

How to Use a Windows 10 Laptop with the Lid Closed

Since, by default, Windows 10 also puts your laptop to sleep once you close the lid, you’ll want to move into its settings to make some modifications.

If you ever modify your mind and want to move back to the default settings. Simply follow these same steps and select the setting that fits your requirements at the moment.

To get things started:

Step 1:

Right-tap on the battery icon

Step 2:

Tap on Power options (If you can’ t view this option, select Show Hidden Icons and right-tap on the battery icon or move to Control Panel, followed by Hardware and sound > Power Options)

Step 3:

Tap on select what closing the lid does.

Step 4:

To the right of the When I close the lid choices, you’ll then view two drop-down menus for On battery and Plugged in.

Step 5:

Select Do nothing from the drop-down.

After following all these steps, don’t forget to tap on Save changes.


While using your laptop for a while, don’t forget to move through the steps to close it. If you simply close the lid, you might forget it’s still on and reveals it to overheating.

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