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How To Use AltGr Or Alt Car Key On Windows 10

Have you ever tried to use AltGr or Alt Car key On Windows 10? We all know the standardized Keyboard layout and the three different sorts of keyboard layout but no more. A keyboard contains some standard keys example the Alt, Shift, Ctrl, Tab, etc., keys. You might view a key labeled AltGr or Alt Car on your keyboard. Both keys act like another Alt key but it has a secondary function that enables you to easily input any special characters. Come let’s check how you can use it.

Keyboard Language & Layout

The AltGr or Alt Car key relies on the keyboard you’ve added on Windows 10. Some keyboards do not have any extra characters linked with this modifier key and enabling it won’t make any changes or differences. If you want to try it out, we recommend you to add the English international keyboard on Windows 10. There are many other keyboards that use this key but you want to find them yourself.

Using AltGr or Alt Car

Alt Car Key On Windows 10

If you want to use this key, you must first enable it. If you want to activate it, all you need is to hold down the left Ctrl key and the right Shift key at the same time for a few seconds. You can’t view or hear anything explaining to you that the key has been enabled.

When the key has been successfully activated, you will then use it just like you use the Shift key. All you need is to hold down the AltGr or Alt Car key and then click a key on your keyboard. Normally, the A, S, D, C keys will have some type of character linked with it. Your physical keyboard probably indicates which extra keys are linked with a key or you might have to check them out by hitting them all one-by-one.

This key can’t type any special characters outside of what you can normally enter on Windows 10. It makes it simpler to type them. Some characters need a special code to type. For example, if you want to type è, then hold down the Alt key and click 0232. You can’t remember this code easily so the Alt Car or AltGr key makes it easier so that you can hold it down, and click just a single key to input these accented characters. Also, if you want to add currency symbols, and other symbols like the copyright symbol then this key helps you.

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