How To Use Command+Q To Quit Chrome on macOS

Use Command+Q To Quit Chrome on macOS: You can also use the Command+Q keyboard shortcut on macOS to close or quit an app. This amazing universal keyboard shortcut works in all apps. But it looks Chrome has an exception. Once you click Command+Q when Google Chrome is in the foreground or in the active app. However, you can then view a prompt saying you hold Command+Q to quit it. Once you hold the keys down for a few seconds, Chrome will then quit but just click can’t do the trick. In this article, you’ll learn how to quit Chrome with Command+Q.

Quit Chrome on macOS

As we mentioned before, you can simply hold down the Command+Q shortcut for few seconds to quit the browser. You don’t need to learn it to get the job done. But in actual it means you have to build a new habit, and the habit is only for a specific app. However, it makes for a strong case to force Chrome to do things quite similar to other apps. Come let’s take a look:

Step 1:

Head over to Chrome and move to Chrome on the menu bar.

Step 2:

Once you step in unmark the ‘Warn before quitting’ choice in the menu. It’s just a small thing that you need to do.

Step 3:

When you click the Command+Q keyboard shortcut, it will quit the app. You can’t view the prompt saying you hold down the combination of keys. Also, you don’t want to hold them down either.

If you want Chrome to quickly respond to the Command+Q shortcut then it means you lose the ability to get a warning once you close the browser. Well, it’s a counter-productive if you mistakenly end up quitting/closing it. Make sure you must always use the Command+Shift+T keyboard shortcut to reopen all earlier tabs.


One the other hand you can use it to leave the ‘Warn before quitting’ choice turned on. But you can use the Command+Q+Q keyboard shortcut to close the browser. Actually, you have to hold down the Command key and click the Q key twice. You can’t get the prompt message and quit the browser right away. It has the same issue that holding down the Command+Q choice does, learning new, app-specific response.

Generally, Apple doesn’t enable this type of thing on its platform. After all the criticism it gets for being stiff and closed off. However, uniform app behavior is one benefit that comes from it. Chrome only gets away with this due to browser is not spread using the Mac App Store. Still, whenever we modifying default behavior goes, and it’s a bit much.


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