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How To Use Onion Over VPN

What do you know about Onion over VPN and how to use Onion over VPN? While looking for the latest VPN, you might have a view that a lot of VPN providers offer the choice of “Onion over VPN”. The use of “Onion” means that this setting is used to attach your VPN to the Tor (The Onion Router) network. Turning on this setting connects your VPN server to the Tor network.

However, it also means that you can use any browser that can be used to access hidden onion services. Besides having to use the specifically designed Tor browser. Turning on it is quite simple. It’s just as toggling the choices slider. Also, the VPN will also automatically connect to the Tor network and you can initiate browsing hidden onion services.

Why use this feature?

While connecting to the Tor network using the “Onion over VPN” feature secure your home IP address from being visible to the Tor entry node you connect to. After using “Onion over VPN” you also secure your ISP from being able to view that you’ve attached to the Tor network. Also, they’ll only be able to view that you’ve connected to your normal VPN provider.

Well, it’s connections, your device will easily connect to your VPN server. After that it connects to the Tor network using an entry node. However, in the Tor network, your connection will be moved through a relay node and then left the network using an exit node to connect to the target website. Think of it as a tunnel through which you reach your target site.

The use of 3 randomly chosen nodes in the Tor network is made to reduce the information available to each node. However, the entry node knows your IP address, in this situation, the IP address of your VPN provider. Also, the exit node knows the URL of the site being attached to. The relay node is used to make sure that the entry and exit nodes can’t directly communicate. However, it also makes it more difficult to de-anonymize any network traffic when we compare it to one or also two VPN servers connected or chained together.

After using the Tor network that comes with a performance impact because of the use of 4 VPN servers. It includes your VPN provider’s server. Also, it’s not suitable for every-day usage, you must use the setting of “Onion over VPN” if you want to access hidden onion services. You’ll then find browsing websites a quite bit slower than it would alternatively be.


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