How To Use Or Install Lynx To Browse Web From Linux Terminal


use Lynx to browse the web

Do you want to install Lynx to browse the web? Have you ever trying to use a Linux system with no desktop environment and want to look something up on Google? It happens! Rather than pulling out your mobile, try to use Lynx to browse the web from the terminal.

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How To Install Lynx

The efficient way of browsing or surfing the internet in the terminal is using the Lynx web browser. It is completely a text-based browser. Also, it works on Unix-like OSes or MS-Dos command-line. It is the oldest web browser but still actively being developed.

As it sounds old or pointless but it is quite handy. Especially when you’re working on a remote Linux server and you lack GUI access and want to install a file.

If you want to install the Lynx browser, simply launch a terminal window and follow the steps that match your Operating system.


Ubuntu is no doubt the most popular Linux distribution, so it contains a Lynx package for installation in the repos. If you want to get it, input the Apt command below in a terminal window.

sudo apt install lynx


The Lynx web browser compatible with Linux distributions. It includes Debian Linux. If you want to install it, simply launch a terminal window and input the Apt-get command below. Make sure, that Debian updates packages slower than many others, so this model of Lynx may be old or out of date.

sudo apt-get install lynx

Arch Linux

Arch Linux users love their terminal, so it’s not a surprise to view the Lynx browser available in the main software repo. If you want to install or download it on your Arch machine, input the Pacman command below.

sudo pacman -S lynx


Did you want to get the Lynx browser working on your Fedora Linux box? Don’t fret! It’s simple or easy to install or download as the Fedora developers provide the best way to install packages in OS’s software sources.

If you would like to get the browser going, execute the Dnf command below.

sudo dnf install lynx


If you want to use OpenSUSE and would like to browse the web with Lynx then launch a terminal. Then install or download the new version of Lynx using the Zypper command below.

sudo zypper install lynx

Generic Linux

Lynx is an old browser, so maybe it has a vague distro in their software sources. But if you still can’t find it, then Lynx can be built from the source with the steps below.

  • Initially, download or install the Lynx source code.
  • Then unzip or extract the source code.
tar xvjf lynx2.8.9rel.1.tar.bz2
  • Head over to the Lynx code directory.
cd lynx2.8.9rel.1/
  • You can now configure the source code.
./configure --prefix=/usr
  • Then simply compile Lynx.
  • Install or download the Lynx browser to your OS.
make install-full

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How To Browse Web From Terminal

Install Lynx

After you install Lynx you can now browse the web from the terminal. As we all know that the Lynx browser is command-line based. So, all web pages are opened after specifying the link ahead of time. For instance, after visiting Wikipedia, you can simply launch a terminal and do the following:


When you view the web page successfully loads, then prompts appear. However, these prompts are the product of our advanced internet. You want to hit “A” to enable cookies (permanently), and it can take a while.

After you successfully accept all of the prompts or cookies that appear on the screen, then the web browser should render completely in the text-based mode.

Shortcut Keys For Lynx

The Lynx web browser offers many keyboard shortcuts. Let’s move over them, as they’ll improve your browsing experience in the terminal.

For starters, if you would like to move away from the website you’re on to a new one. Then hit G on the keyboard. Want to return back to a page? Hit Left on the keyboard. If you want to follow a link, hit the Right arrow key.

Moving in the Lynx web browser is identical to many browsing apps out on the market today. If you want to move down a page, hit the Down key on the keyboard. Then hit Up to move up the page.

Additional Info About Lynx

The Lynx browser is essential but quite difficult for some users not used to a text-based way of navigating the internet. But, the program offers a detailed manual that outlines every aspect of the browser!

If you would like to view the Lynx manual in the terminal on your Linux system, then execute the following command:

man lynx

On the other hand, save the manual to a text file for your ease, the command is given below.

man lynx >> ~/Documents/lynx-manual.txt


I hope you can now understand how to use or install Lynx to browse the web. What are your views about it? If you want to share anything regarding this article then let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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