How To View Deleted Messages On Discord


Have to ever try to view deleted messages on Discord? Gamers from all around the world use Discord to exchange or swap messages, pictures, audio, and video content. However, some Discord users are friendly and relaxed. Many find it entertaining to share hurtful, revolutionary, or outright hurtful texts to others.

Discord enables its users to report abusive or harsh behavior. But they also want to provide a description of the conversation in question. Also, those who use abusive language often remove their texts minutes or even seconds later. Thus securing you from taking a screenshot. Some Discord users are searching if there is a way to access removed messages on the platform.

This guide will answer that question or explain how to deal with bothering on Discord.

Can You View Deleted Messages On Discord

When a message has been removed by the sender. Then there is no way to recover it.

For one, storing removed messages would be against the rules of the platform and would violate the privacy of its users. Also, the way the platform is constructed is quite similar to the classic Internet Relay Chat (IRC). However, it doesn’t enable owners to access their users’ private communication. So, whenever a user removes a message, that message is quickly clean from Discord’s servers.

How to Complain about Online Harassment on Discord

If someone can’t delete the message. Then you can complain or report the harassment message and its sender to the Discord support team by hitting the red “Report” button on your Android app.

On a desktop PC, the process is quite difficult as there is no “Report” button. Rather than, you want to gather a few ID numbers, write them down, and share them to the Discord team using a report form.

Here is what you want to do:

Step 1:

Under the left corner of the screen, tap on the gear icon to access Settings.

Step 2:

Tap on “Appearance” and then view the “Advanced” section.

Step 3:

Now toggle the switch located next to “Developer Mode” to on.

Step 4:

Look for the text you like to report. Then right-tap on the user’s name, and choose “Copy ID”. As you’ll be copying some more IDs. Then paste this in a text document and save it before moving further.

Step 5:

Then, you will want the ID of the message itself. The process is quite the same: right-tap anywhere else on the text, choose “Copy ID”, and then paste that ID in the same document.

Step 6:

At last, you want the server ID where the abuse happened. Then again right-tap on the server name, choose “Copy ID”, and paste it to a similar document. Remember that all 3 IDs are labeled perfectly (User ID, Message-ID, Server ID), and proceed further to the other step.

Step 7:

Move to Discord’s official request form and choose “Trust & Safety” from the dropdown menu. Input your email address in the required form, and proceed further to fill out the required form.

Step 8:

At the bottom of the “Report Type” choose “Harassment” or whatever other choices you find perfect. In the “Subject” field below, write an “Abusive behavior report” or something with those lines.

Step 9:

Now paste all 3 fully labeled IDs in the “Description” box below and include any other note you might have. Also, you can use the “Attachment” field below to attach a screenshot.

Step 10:

After finishing the form. Go and check the reCAPTCHA box under it to confirm that you’re not a robot and tap “Submit”. Now your report will be sent to the Discord support team, and you’ll receive a reply using email whenever it has been processed and dealt with.

Can You Report a Removed Message?

Discord’s support a team that wants all 3 IDs to process your complaint and take proper measures against the author of the abusive message. However, whenever you receive an abusive message, you simply record all 3 IDs and take a screenshot of the text.

Also, if the text gets removed, whenever you have the server and user ID, you can then still report it and attach the screenshot as proof. Either you can use the official form or share an email to

Modifying a username on Discord is quite easy and online harassers also do it oftenly. That is why you must submit the user’s ID with your screenshot. If you can’t do so, you can then try to submit a report, but the support team might not be able to identify the sender and take proper action.

Adding Bots

If you’re tired of the inappropriate content on your server or want an instant way to take the content than capturing screenshots there’s a bot for that. You can make a channel ‘Read Only,’ but takes all of the fun out of it. Bots also make the Discord experience enjoyable and more customizable.

Let’s suppose you’re really into your game and troll pops up on your Discord server. Then either you can stop what you’re doing, take an instant screenshot, and report it, or use a bot that does enable you to move back to the removed messages in your server.

Logger looks to be an amazing resource for those who want to keep logs of texts on their own servers. Some users also create their own, but it’s the best that promotes or reviews itself to concentrate on logging details.

Including a bot to your Discord server is quite simple. Depending on the source, tap on the ‘Get’ or ‘Invite’ choices and proceed further through the verification steps.

Once it is ready. Move to the Discord app and access your server. Tinker ensures that the bot is working perfectly before relying on it solely for automation.

Muting a Channel

If you’re not a server administrator that’s experiencing harassment. Then can’t fully out of choices on Discord. When server admins can’t doing anything to stop irritating content or to warn it. Then you can mute the channel for a while. There are many reasons you might want to back up removed messages, but if it’s because of irritating or harsh content, then this is another choice available to you.

Just navigate to the channel and tap on the bell icon. Tapping the bell mutes that particular channel. It means that you can continue playing your game or doing all things you enjoy without disturbing. If you’ve already complained to the user, then muting the channel until Discord handles it is an easy way to secure your inner peace.


Here’s all about ”View Deleted Messages On Discord”. Have you ever face issues dismissing promotional messages? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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