How To Watch Videos In YouTube Floating Pop-Up Window

Watch YouTube Videos in Floating Pop-Up Window

Did you like to watch videos in YouTube floating pop-up Window? If yes, then today we are going to share the best tricks that will make it easy for you to control your YouTube videos while you multitask on your PC. We are going to share a few simple or easy methods:

Different Ways To Watch Videos In YouTube Floating Pop-Up Window

YouTube Floating Pop-Up Window

Method 1: Opera Browser

Opera browser comes with an essential feature of video pop-out that helps you to watch not just YouTube videos but other videos too. We have listed below to turn on this feature.

Step 1:

You want to install or download the Opera browser on your computer.

Step 2:

Once you installed it, head over to the browser and just head over to any video page like YouTube and run a video.

Step 3:

Then you’ll notice an extra button in the center of the top border.

Step 4:

Simply tap on the button and you will then view the video will be popped out. You can simply drag it according to your choice and you can do multitask during playing the video!

Method 2: Google Chrome

Google Chrome users wish to add the extension names Floating for Youtube from the Google Chrome website. Once you successfully added to your browser, you will then view a popup appears that will ask you to paste the Youtube link. Simply input the URL.

Once you successfully entered the URL, you will then view the window that will start to play your video automatically. You can open many tabs in this floating window that will always appear at the top. You can do whatever you want in Google Chrome while watching the Youtube video.

Method 3: Use PopUp Window For YouTube

Well, this is another best Google Chrome extension that you can use to watch YouTube in the PopUp window. This extension is very simple or easy to use.

Step 1:

Initially, you want to install the extension PopUp Window For YouTube for that. Simply head over to the web page and then tap on “Add To Chrome”

Step 2:

A popup box appears, simply tap on “Add Extension”. Also, this will install or download the PopUp Window for YouTube on your Chrome browser.

Step 3:

Now just visit YouTube and you will then view a “Play In PopUp” button at the video box. You want to tap on the button to watch YouTube videos in the PopUp window.

That’s all about it. This is how you can watch YouTube videos in a popup window.

Method 4: On Android

Nowadays, we all love to watch YouTube videos from Android mobiles. On Android, you can simply get a Floating window popup just for YouTube. For that, you should use an Android app known as Floating tube. Using Floating Tube, you can simply watch YouTube videos in the floating mode so that you can just play YouTube videos while doing other sorts of work on your Android. Let’s take a look at how to use the Floating tube on Android.

Step 1:

Initially, head over to this link to install or download Floating tube on your mobile device. The app takes 4 MB of space to install on your mobile device.

Step 2:

After this, simply open the App and you want to grant the permission. Just click on the ‘OK, GOT IT!’ button and turn on the app overlay permissions.

Step 3:

Now you will then view the Floating tube app main interface.

Step 4:

Also, click on any of the videos and you will then view a floating popup window located on the top of your screen.

Step 5:

In the last step, the floating popup window will be there while you use other apps or browse webpages.

That’s all about it! This is how you can watch YouTube videos via a Floating pop-up Window on your mobile device.


So, these were the few working methods that will help you to watch Youtube videos while you multitask. This method is very helpful and safe! Hope you like this guide, share it with others! If you are facing any difficulty at any step, then let us know in the comment section below.

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