Huawei Enlists Honor 8 On The List To Be Updated To Android Oreo Based EMUI 8.0 fresh

Huawei has released many fresh updates for its smartphones. But we know the fact that too much is not revealed for the honor series updates. Never the less we come to know that Huawei has announced EMUI 8.0 for a list of devices for which they are developing it. It is fantastic to know that Honor India has confirmed that the honor devices won’t get updated to new OREO. However, when we see the list given by Huawei, honor is there to get an update.


The latest Honor  smartphone has the following feature

  • Full HD 5.2-inch display(1920×1080 pixels)
  • LCD
  • 423-pixel density
  • octa-core kirin 950
  • 3GB OR 4GB RAM
  • The rare dual camera that is 12MP and 8MP
  • 3000mA batter
  • dual flash

EMUI 8.0

Google rolled out many android versions for its smartphones.

Furthermore,  to compensate that Huawei had to directly jump to its latest EMUI 8.0 replacing the previous EMUI 5.1. Besides, the company shows the assertion that its most recent software will be quite fast, easy to use. It would have advanced the AI system in it. Further, it would have better performance.

Equally important is that the latest version is the same as the previous version. However, it has the option to be amazingly customized. In addition to this, the user has change themes or any part of the interference. The latest software has a lot of new features. The company Huawei is paying more attention to AI.AI works on smartphones and understands the user’s habits. This is done to personalize the experience for the user.

In addition to this, the Honor PR reported the company had confirmed upgrade for its devices. They would benefit from the latest software. So, new functions of the EMUI 8.0 can be used in honor 8. According to the sources, the most recently updated will be released in a week.

Besides, it is not yet confirmed about the release of EMUI 8.0 for the Honor. It feels like honor eight will have nougat software and have the feature of EMUI 8.0. The feature will be ported to it through an update as we know that recognition 8.0 is 18 months since u=it release. So, predictions are made about the freedom and the strength of the update. It will get OREO updated. However, US variants are less likely to get updates. Still, the user is confused about the update. It will be cleared by HONOR PR in a week.

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List  Of Smartphones To Get EMUI 8.0

The list of tools to get updated is as follows and is listed below.

  • Honor 7X
  • Honor 8

As we see above the smartphones will get an upgrade to EMUI 8.0. Most likely it won’t get a full update to OREO.

Huawei has confirmed that its lasted software for user is rolled out in the market. Likely there are rolling out updated which smartphone will get first EMUI 8.0 updates. To read more about upgrade read the link mentioned below


The latest honor, V10, comes with EMUI 8.0. The above-listed smartphones will get updated too. So now Huawei will be proved Andriod OREO for its users by upgrading them to EMUI8.0. Previously this was not the decision to do so. The company is working on the release of Andriod oreo on honor eight devices. Most likely, that will bring new features and more enhanced interference for the users.

Similarly, we know that honor is placed on the website to get updates. Furthermore, it comes to the knowledge that the honor hardware and software are not compatible because of limitations. So, the latest EMUI 8.0 won’t work on honor eight has been told by recognition India tweet.

Honor 8 got launched in October 2016. It was working on Andriod 6.0 Marshmallow. The software as based on EMUI 4.1. In February it got upgraded to android 7.0 nougat power be EMUI. Now it will get more updated.


So by this update user can enjoy latest EMUI 8 on their honor smartphones. The latest EMUI has the best features and is the most recent software. By upgrading the user can enjoy the latest android software. The software has not yet been provided but will be provided soon. Moreover, the HONOR 7X and HONOR 8 both will have this update. So the user has to wait a bit long more.





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