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Internet Archive ROM Launcher in Kodi – Retro Games

internet archive rom launcher

Do you guys want to enjoy the greatest collection of retro video games on your TV without even the hassle of buying any new hardware? Then you guys are in luck, as Kodi can now access and play retro games thanks to the Internet Archive, which has a huge library of titles available. In this article, we are going to talk about Internet Archive ROM Launcher in Kodi – Retro Games. Let’s begin!

You guys might already know about the Internet Archive’s project to preserve older games via making them available for emulators. The Internet Archive argues that these games are necessary not only as they are fun. However, also as historical and cultural objects that should be available for commentary, discussion, and also sharing memories. Hence they have put together a massive catalog of retro games that can be played on a variety of different emulators. And we’re going to show you an add-on for Kodi that interfaces along with these emulators so you can play games from the archive too.

When you have everything set up, you’ll be able to play retro games straight from your Kodi system. This is perfect tp relax on the couch and blowing off some steam along with a good round of Bubble Bobble, or whatever your classic game of choice is actually. The installation process for this is a little fiddly, so it’s really suitable for medium to advanced Kodi users, and it also helps if you have had experience along with emulators before. However, if not, don’t worry: we’re going to walk you through step-by-step instructions in order to show you how to emulate retro games on Kodi using the Internet Archive ROM Launcher.

Use a VPN

Although the Kodi software itself is fully legal to use, a lot of add-ons for the software are created via unofficial third-party developers. This actually means that the add-ons are not checked or approved via Kodi. Some of these add-ons permit you in order to access content illegally, such as via letting you stream movies or TV shows. The legal status of emulators is rather hazy, as well. In any case, if you guys are going to use add-ons for Kodi if to stream or for emulation then you guys have to protect yourself.

If your ISP catches you to access content illegally then you guys could be kicked off their network or even face a fine. To prevent these legal issues, you should use a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic whenever you use Kodi add-ons. The encryption of the VPN will keep you safe via making it impossible for outside observers just like your ISP to see what sites that you are visiting or what content you are downloading as well.



For Kodi users, we actually recommend IPVanish as a VPN provider. They won our recommendation thanks to their lightning-fast connection speeds that are perfect for streaming high-quality video. And also for their strong 256-bit encryption and a no-logging policy in order to guarantee your privacy actually. The large server network of 850 servers in 60 different countries provides you a lot of options. And the software is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone, and much more.

How to Install Internet Archive ROM Launcher in Kodi – Retro Games

In order to install the Internet Archive ROM Launcher, we first have to install the Zach Morris repository in which the add-ons are hosted. You guys can find an installation link to this repository in the Fusion repository. This is how you can install Internet Archive ROM Launcher:

  • Start on your Kodi home screen
  • Just find the settings icon that looks like a cog and tap on it, then go to File Manager
  • Tap on Add source
  • Then click where it says <None>
  • Then type in the following URL: just be careful to include the https:// or it won’t work correctly
  • Name the source something memorable, such as fusion
  • Tap on OK
  • Head back to your home screen
  • Tap on Add-ons
  • Click on the icon that just looks like an open box
  • Tap on Install from the zip file
  • Then click on fusion, then on Kodi-repos, then to English, then to
  • Now wait for a moment, then you will see a popup notification when the source is installed
  • Tap on Install from repository
  • Then click on Zach Morris Add-ons
  • Click on Video add-ons
  • Then tap on Internet Archive ROM Launcher
  • A screen opens that has details of the add-on as well. Click Install from the menu at the bottom as well
  • Wait for a second and when the installation is complete, and you’ll see a notification

How To Configure and Use Internet Archive ROM Launcher Add-on For Kodi

When you have installed the Internet Archive ROM Launcher for Kodi, you have to do some configuration before you can start playing games. In order to begin, we will have to install the Retro Arch program that is the software that actually runs the emulator. Such as, if you are running Kodi on a Windows PC then you will have to install the Retro Arch program to that PC. When this software is installed, you can use the Internet Archive ROM Launcher as a launcher for the Retro Arch program within Kodi as well.

Here are instructions on how you guys can configure and use the Internet Archive ROM Launcher to play retro games:

  • We have to begin in your browser rather than your Kodi system. First, you have to download a program called Retro Arch. To do that, just head to this site:
  • Choose your operating system. We’ll select the Windows Installer 64 bit and tap to start downloading the .exe file
  • When the download is complete, run the .exe file you just downloaded
  • Just follow the steps in the setup wizard  in order to install Retro Arch
  • When installation is complete, open up the Retro Arch app
  • Select Online Updater from the menu, then select Core Updater, then choose DOS (DOSBox)
  • This will download and now you’re done along with the Retro Arch app
  • Now you can open up Kodi and also start at your Kodi home screen
  • Head to Add-ons
  • Go to Video add-ons (the add-on is categorized as a video add-on even although it is actually for playing games)
  • You can find Internet Archive ROM Launcher and right-click on it
  • Select on Settings
  • Choose External Launchers from the left menu as well
  • Now tap on My System Type
  • Then you have to choose the name of the operating system on which you are running Kodi. In this case, we’ll tap on Windows

Further Steps

  • Now you’ll see an option has appeared in External Launchers that also says RetroArch System Folder. Tap on this and browse through the folders for the RetroArch app that you just installed. and then click on OK
  • Now head to Setup Wizard on the left menu. You’ll see where it says Emulator Launcher in the main window. That is set to External by default
  • Tap on this and change the setting to Kodi Retroplayer
  • Now click on Execute Setup Wizard and now wait until the wizard is complete
  • We’ll all be done in the settings, so now we can tap on OK in order to save our settings
  • Now tap on Internet Archive ROM Launcher to open the add-on
  • You’ll guys see a Terms of Use page. Click on Agree
  • Now you’ll see an amazing range of consoles and platforms that you guys can emulate. Such as, there is Game Boy ColorAmigaNintendo 64, and also even MS-DOS. You’ll also find collections of games such as MAME, the multiple arcade machine emulator. Now we just have to pick a system in order to explore the games
  • We’ll go really old school and try out some DOS games. So tap on MS-DOS Games
  • The brings up a huge list of DOS games. We’re going in order to play the fondly remembered classic Prince of Persia
  • Tap on the title of a game to bring up the information screen about it. Click Download at the bottom left as well
  • Also, you’ll see a notice that the game is downloading. Now wait for a minute while the download happens
  • You’ll get a notification once the download is complete as well. It shouldn’t take long at all and these files tend to be really small. Now you’re ready to play
  • Tap on Launch at the bottom in the middle and the game will start as well


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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