iPad Keyboard Apps: All You Need To Know

Are you looking for the best iPad Keyboard apps? The stock keyboard app on iOS comes with lots of features such as multi-touch shift support, flick gestures, and the currently released ‘long press to move cursor’ etc. However, if you are using Android, you might miss these amazing features like GIF and gesture support, swipe typing, etc. Thankfully, iOS enables you to download or install third-party keyboard apps on your iPad to enjoy these features. I have made a complete list of best keyboard apps for the iPad. Come let’s take a look:

List Of iPad Keyboard Apps:

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard

let’s start with the Grammarly keyboard. There might be a chance that you already heard of Grammarly, the amazing Chrome extension, that checks our spelling and grammar on the go. Last year, the company has also launched its first iOS keyboard app.

The keyboard app works similarly to its service. Also, it checks the input text for spelling or grammatical mistakes and alerts you any potential errors before you press enter. For instance, if you make an error while typing and missing punctuation. Grammarly also suggests the correct punctuation or word, you just have to click the button to correct it. It’s quite easy or simple. It also corrects the spelling automatically for some words, which suits best and better than built-in autocorrect.

Also, can use the Grammarly keyboard after using your iPad for presentations, school work, emails, and much more. And yes, from Firefox to Insta, it works on many apps. Grammarly is free to use but also you can log in and buy extra features for a small amount.

  • Auto-correct Spellings or Grammer Check
  • Keyboard Clicks
  • Emoji

Check Out: Grammarly Keyboard 

Fleksy Keyboard

In the list, the second one is a Fleksy keyboard. Although iPad is not meant for one-hand usage, however, if you like to use it with one hand, well you can, using this application.

However, Fleksy provides tons of customization that it offers. The app allows you to customize the keyboard with various extensions or themes. You can modify the look and the way you interact with the keyboard. It is compatible with stickers or GIFs which you can search within the keyboard and share it directly.

The app is available free on the App Store and it offers some in-app purchases mainly for customization or theme.


  • One-Handed Keyboard
  • Sticker or GIFs
  • Pointer control
  • Number row
  • Word predictions

Check out: Fleksy 


touchpal-iPad Keyboard apps

If you prefer a fancy-pants keyboard, this other best app is the TouchPal keyboard. It offers various themes for the Keyboard. The themes are ranging from minimal to extravagant. You can also get a Mechanical Keyboard, graffiti, printer, Christmas, etc. And if that’s not ok, you can also create your own custom theme in the application.

TouchPal can support key sounds, night mode, various languages, and text art. Text art looks amazing or cool whenever you type the letters. But the letters are replaced with ASCII characters that are quite similar to their corresponding letters. For instance, A is replaced with a @ sign, H with #, S with $, etc. I recommend you don’t use the keyboard for passwords.

Check Out TouchPal

Blink Keyboard

The third-one is Blink. This keyboard app besides other apps in this list focuses on ease of typing besides themes. You can modify the Keyboard layout and select from QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY, German, Spanish, and JKLC.

An amazing feature of the blinking keyboard is that it can divide the keyboard into two halves just too make making typing easier on the iPad. You can also customize the layout according to the position of your thumb and hand size. Also, you can set the alternative characters for every key and turn on it by moving down. The only drawback with this app is it only supports 5 languages.

The app is free and some amazing features such as fonts and infinite alt characters can be purchased as in-app purchases.

Check Out: Blink Keyboard



Flicktype is another distinct keyboard in both usage or looks. However, you also get the standard QWERTY layout, there is no enter key or spacebar. I want to try this keyboard at least once before moving it up.

It provides swipe gestures that can be used to type efficiently rather than the spacebar and enter keys. Once you type, your letters can’t appear, and the keyboard display password field dots. This feature also helps you focus your attention on the text beside the keyboard.

Another amazing feature of Flicktype is the eyes-free typing, which speaks back to you once you type. So, if you know the one with a Visual impairment, well, you should recommend this, to them.


  • It provides quick swipe gestures
  • Quick emoji
  • Compatible for Apple Watch
  • Speak back whenever you type


Swiftkey is another amazing or most popular keyboard apps for both iOS or Android. And what makes it popular is support for over 150 native languages.

Swiftkey comes with every features a keyboard app can have. You get clipboard manager, sleek themes, and other Intelligent Keyboard. However, it tracks your typing and offers amazing insight into how the keyboard improved your typing. You can also view typos corrected, saved keystrokes, words typed, words predicted, distance flowed, etc. Whenever you sync the app using your social media accounts, it can recognize your typing patterns and certainly finish your sentences for you.


  • Usage stats
  • Native and local language
  • Emojis or GIFs
  • Clipboard
  • Swipe typing.


Gboard-iPad Keyboard apps

Gboard is Google’s keyboard app that is available for both Android or iOS devices. The gboard replaces your default keyboard and enables you to get access to several Google features from your new Gboard keyboard.

The best selling point of Gboard is Google search integration. Not only you search from the keyboard itself but also send links directly.

Rather than the standard layouts, Gboard can support lesser-known niche layouts such as COLEMAK or DVORAK. You can also choose up to 3 languages at a time which makes switching easier. Gboard also offers offensive word blocker or glide typing, something that’s is not here from the iOS stock keyboard app.

Gboard provides a collection of stickers and you can also create custom stickers within the app and then add it to your keyboard. Also, it provides a voice input so that’s great.

Check Out Gboard


This is the last app in this list and certainly the most versatile one. Reboard enables you to create custom themes. You can also select various fonts for your keyboard app which include symbols that resemble letters. You can also make your own list of text shortcuts with its inbuilt text expanding feature.

The most important feature of this app is the app integration with other apps and services. There are also 27 different services or apps and you can turn on or off them at your convenience. Some services include web search, YouTube search, clipboard, contacts, translator, calculator, Wunderlist, Google Drive, Slack, etc. Also, you can use all of these applications right from the keyboard that makes it more convenient.


These were my best picks for the amazing keyboard apps for the iPad. Grammarly works well if you like perfect English in your reports or emails or in general conversation. Flicktype offers lots of different ways of using a keyboard and is meant for instant informal messages. Swiftkey or Gboard also offers a reliable or consistent interface with some intuitive features such as user stats or cursor control respectively. Also, you can check out Giphy, if you want to share your custom GIFs, without leaving the app. Let us know which keyboard do you use on your device.

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