itype.exe – What is itype.exe and What Does it Do?


The genuine itype.exe file is a software component of Microsoft Intellitype pro by Microsoft. Microsoft is an operating system. Intellitype is a Microsoft driver for the company lineup of computer keyboards. Itype.exe is a file that installs Intellitype and is also completely safe to run on your PC. Intellitype pro is a driver package and Microsoft design it for its range of computer keyboards. It is compatible with Windows and also iOS platforms. This driver is compatible with all known genuine Microsoft keyboards. For example, entertainment keyboards and those that were already shipped with desktop sets.


It’s important to go through Task Manager every so often to see what’s running. And make sure there isn’t anything hogging up tons of resources, and there aren’t any rogue processes running.

You might have come across it and also wonder what it is and if it’s safe (and no, it’s not an Apple process).


What is itype.exe:

iType.exe is the process that runs for those of you who own a Microsoft Intelli Type pro keyboard or mouse. It all starts when you install the software. That allows you to help manage the keyboard.

Microsoft explains the process as the following:

Itype.exe process in Windows Task Manager. The process is IType.exe. It belongs to software Microsoft IntelliType Pro. Or Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center or Microsoft IntelliPoint / IntelliType Pro or Advansys Formativ Framework by Microsoft.

It’s completely safe. And it allows the keyboard’s extra buttons to work. If you want to Disable it, it’s up to you and it won’t stop the keyboard from working. However, the shortcut key will be disabled.

Just like itype.exe, You also might notice iPoint.exe, too and for more on it. Don’t worry; Apple is not stuffing, even more, bloatware on your system. You are absolutely safe!

These are Microsoft processes and typically use a minimal amount of RAM or CPU resources.


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