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How to Fix javascript: void(0) Error in Chrome


Some computer users may actually encounter the error javascript: void(0) whenever browsing the internet. While it is not a really critical error, it sure is irritating to encounter. Whenever you guys encounter the javascript: void(0) error it most probably is actually an indication of an error stemming from your browser. That in turn blocks you from accessing a specific website. Interestingly, the above error only appears when the user tries to access some websites; not all of them actually. The root cause of the error can be traced to a resident pop-up blocker in your internet browser. Also, it may also be triggered by a proxy server if you are connecting to the internet via a proxy. In this article, we are article, we are going to talk about How to Fix javascript: void(0) Error in Chrome. Let’s begin!

Since Javascript is used by websites, we interact or experience it via our browsers. Modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox support Javascript out of the box. All you have to do is install one of the two browsers (or any other modern browser) on your desktop and you also can access any modern website.

How to Fix javascript : void(0) Error in Chrome

Javascript is an important building block of many websites that is why, if there’s a problem along with your browser, on your desktop OS, or the Javascript running on a website, then you will not be able to access a specific or all websites.

One common error that’s shown whenever something goes wrong along with Javascript is the javascript void 0 error.

Make sure Java is properly installed

First of all, you guys have to make sure that Java is installed on your computer. So:

  • Tap on the Win+X keyboard keys and from the displayed list select Control Panel.
  • From Control Panel switch to Categories and then tap on Programs.
  • Now under Programs and Features, and then tap on Uninstall.
  • The list of all installed programs will be listed as well.
  • Just search for the Java entry. If you cannot find Java, and install it on your PC.
  • Hint: even if Java is installed, just uninstall it and then reinstall the software; in this way, you can fix any possible corrupted files or any other software conflicts.

Website specific error | javascript

The javascript void 0 error is an error shown via a website as it loads. It also may manifest in different ways, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll see the error on each and every single website.

Check if you guys get the error on other websites. If not, the error is specific to a website. There also may not be much you can do in order to fix this since it’s on the website’s end, however, try the other fixes listed below. You can inspect the web console in your browser and also let the website owner know about the problem.

Browser specific error

A lot of modern browsers are now Chromium-based but that still doesn’t mean they are all the exact same as well. Some browsers may have trouble with certain websites while others may not. Try to use a different browser in order to access the website.

Turn off add-ons or extensions | javascript

Add-ons and extensions are great, however, they can interfere with websites and the content when it loads. If you’ve suddenly started getting the javascript void 0 error after installing a new extension or add-on, disable it and then try again.

Try to disable all extensions or add-ons and then access the website.

Turn off desktop content filers

Ad-blockers and also content filters aren’t exclusive to browsers. They can be installed on desktops as apps much like network monitoring tools can as well. They proactively block ads within all apps, however, they can actually cause problems along with Javascript.

If you are using a content filter on the desktop, turn off it and try accessing the website.

turn on Javascript

Javascript is enabled via default in modern browsers, however, if you’re in the habit of changing your browser’s setting. Then you may have disabled it or something needed to run Javascript.


  • Tap on the more options button at the top right in Chrome and choose Settings.
  • Head to Privacy and security.
  • Choose Site settings.
  • Scroll to the Content section at the very end as well.
  • Also, make sure Javascript is set to Allowed.


  • First of all, open Control Panel.
  • Head to Network & Internet>Internet Options.
  • Choose the Security tab.
  • Tap on the Custom level button.
  • Turn on ‘Scripting of Java applets’.


  • Just open Firefox and enter about:config in the URL bar.
  • Then accept the on-screen warning.
  • In the search bar, then look for “javascript. enabled” and now make sure its value is set to True.
  • If it is set to False, then double-click it to change it to True.

Reload the webpage and clear the cache

If the problem is only temporary you guys can solve the JavaScript Void 0 error via reloading the webpage through bypassing the cache.

That can be achieved via tapping the CTRL+F5 keyboard hotkeys. Plus, you should also clear the cache on your browser before retrying in order to access your favorite web pages.

Remove cookies

Cookies are there in order to optimize your browsing experience. But, it might also be the reason why you get the JavaScript Void 0 error whenever trying to access certain websites.

So, you guys can fix this malfunction via removing cookies. Here is how you can complete this task for different web browsers as well:

Google Chrome:

  • First of all, open Chrome and click on the Menu icon.
  • Then, choose More Tools and pick Clear Browsing Data.
  • Then choose the Cookies and other site data entry and perform the wipe.
  • Restart your browser in the end as well.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Run Firefox and tap on the Menu button.
  • Head to Options and under Privacy & Security select History.
  • Now under Firefox will choose Use custom settings for history.
  • Next, tap on the Show Cookies button.
  • Just remove all the cookies and then restart your browser.

Internet Explorer:

  • Then open your browser and tap on the Tools icon.
  • From Safety and pick Delete browsing history.
  • Select what you guys want to wipe.
  • Tap on Delete when you are ready.
  • Restart whenever everything is completed as well.

Clear the cache

If the issue persists, then clearing the browser cache may help you in order to fix it. Head to your browser‘s settings page and find the option that permits you to clear browsing data. Now locate the cache option and delete all the cache information store in your browser as well.

Such as, if you use Google Chrome, tap on the menu icon, head to Settings, Advanced, and then navigate to Privacy and Security. Now scroll down to Clear browsing data.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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