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How to Install Kodi on USB for Smart TV – Tutorial

Kodi on USB

Kodi is actually available on a wide range of platforms, along with smart TVs on the list as well. Still, there’s a large variety of platforms for smart TVs, like Android TV, Tizen, WebOS, and much more. We can also see how this confuses many individuals looking for a way in order to install Kodi on a smart TV. With that said, we’re here to resolve any doubts you guys might have. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Install Kodi on USB for Smart TV – Tutorial.

Before we continue, you have to know that Kodi is available on a limited range of smart TVs. And yes, we’re gonna show you to install Kodi on those TVs too. But, you can always count on at least a couple of workarounds, that make this application compatible along with just about any TV. We’ll guide you all the way via, so let’s jump right in.

Along with smart TVs becoming more common, various owners are looking to take them to the next level and use them in ways they were not necessarily sold for actually. And one of the first thing they start to look for is a Kodi smart TV app. And with its extensive add-ons base, it’s even more interesting of enjoying any content on your smart TV as well. In spite of the fact that there is not a dedicated “smart TV” version of Kodi as well. All is not lost and there are still various options, relying on your TV.

Use a VPN | Kodi on USB

If you guys want to keep your online activities to yourself and to prevent the scrutiny of an overzealous Internet Service Provider you need to use a VPN. Whenever an ISP suspects someone might be violating their terms and conditions. They’ve been known to react through sending them infringement notices, throttling down their speed, or even interrupting their service too.

Virtual Private Networks secure your privacy and enhance your online security via encrypting all data in and out of your computer through strong algorithms that make it almost impossible to crack. Along with a VPN, no one, not even your ISP. Or also the best hacker, will be able to know where you’re going or what you’re doing online. If they were to intercept your data all they would see would be meaningless gibberish along with no way of knowing what you’re doing or where you’re going online as well. And as a bonus, through using appropriately located servers, you can use a VPN to bypass most–if not all–geographic restrictions too.

However, there are way too many VPN providers to select from. Picking the right one can turn out to be quite a challenge as well. There are a lot of factors you should consider. Among the most important, a fast connection speed will decrease. And sometimes eliminate–buffering, a no-logging policy will further secure your privacy. Also, no usage restrictions will let you access any content at full speed and software for multiple platforms will make sure the VPN works on any of your devices. This is specifically important with smart TVs.


Before running Kodi on your smart TV, it is also critical that you provide some thought to your privacy online. Why? ISPs categorically disapprove of Kodi, and will also aggressive throttle your traffic if they detect you streaming along with it on their network. However, NordVPN solves this problem–and many more besides.


The secret sauce is encryption–namely the cutting-edge NordLynx protocol actually. It establishes a secure tunnel between your smart TV and a really vast, international network of more than 5,800 servers in 59 countries. Your Kodi traffic gets routed via these secure nodes rather than your ISP’s network, essentially hiding the nature and content of your data stream. Hence, you are immune to most forms of throttling, that translates into hours of buffer-free streams–even in HD!

Further, NordVPN’s network opens the door to spoofing, that is the process of digitally relocating to another country. With a spoofed IP address, you guys can fool websites and streaming apps such as Netflix into serving you with local content. That would otherwise be locked behind unfair geo-blocks. If you thought Kodi was powerful before, NordVPN takes it to an entire new level. And best of all, not even NordVPN knows what it is you’re doing online–they make it their business NOT to know along with a strict no-logging policy to secure your anonymity.

Why Install Kodi On USB for Your Smart TV?

The main reason one would want to install a Kodi smart TV app is really simple. In order to take advantage of the huge Kodi add-ons base. If you’re not familiar with Kodi’s unofficial scene, then let’s pause briefly and examine it.

Kodi is actually an open-source media player application. This means that any developer has access to its source code and can also develop additional functionality in the form of add-ons. There are a lot of hundred “official” add-ons which are endorsed and distributed via Kodi. But because of Kodi’s strict rules, many developers have released “unofficial” add-ons which are distributed via third-party repositories that can be added to your Kodi installation. With these third-party add-ons opens Kodi to an almost limitless amount of content that is available on the web.

However, Kodi will also do a marvelous job of organizing your local media files (videos, music, and photos). And give a user-friendly interface to browse and access them. It can also take content from a remote computer–your home PC, such as–and index it, pull meta-information from the web, and present it all to you through the Kodi user interface.

Can It Even Be Done?

Well, there is actually no Kodi smart TV app per se, many smart TVs run some form of the Android operating system. This means that you guys can install a Kodi Android app on these. The actual installation procedure might be complicated too, though. Even amongst TVs that do run Android, not all of them also let you access the Google Play Store. On those that don’t, then you’ll have to sideload the Kodi app.

How does we know if a TV runs Android? Unfortunately, it mostly doesn’t say so on the box. The manufacturer’s website might provide you with more information whenever you look at the detailed specifications of a given model. There are also a few telltale signs too. For instance, if a TV has a Google Play Store app pre-installed, then you can be sure it’s running some form of Android. Same thing if you have to enter some google credentials whenever initially setting up your TV.

Kodi on USB

Installing Kodi On USB for Your Smart TV

Our goal is to provide you as much information as possible to install a Kodi smart TV app on your smart TV with as little trouble as possible. Unfortunately, every TV is different and we can’t give you detailed instructions that will work on all of them. Just like that, there are so many different TVs that we can’t also provide you detailed instructions for each model, or even for each brand.

So, what we’re going to try to do is just to give you as much general information as possible. You should have enough to figure out the particular details. Remember that this is the type of situation where Google search is your best friend as well. No matter what brand or model of smart TV you may have, chances are someone already installed Kodi on it and then posted about it somewhere.

We’ll provide you one set of directions for TVs that have access to the Google Play Store and one for those TVs that don’t.

If Your Smart TV Has Access To The Google Play Store too

This will be an easy process and you guys should be up and running within minutes.

  • First, you have to start the Google Play Store app on your smart TV.
  • Then, choose the Search box at the top of the screen and type in Kodi, and tap on the magnifying glass to open the search.
  • The Kodi app should be the first entry in the search results as well. In order to confirm you pick the right one (make sure it’s from the XB’C Foundation) tap on the appropriate search result. And then, for the app information page, tap on the Install button. This will open the installation. You may also have to first acknowledge some access requests. The download is less than 100 MB so it shouldn’t take too long actually. As with many Android apps, the installation could take more time than the download as well.

That is really all there is to it. You guys should now have Kodi within your smart TV’s list of available apps. Simply tap on its icon in order to start it and enjoy all the Kodi benefits.

Sideloading The Kodi on USB On Your Smart TV

If your smart TV doesn’t really have the Google Play Store, then you should still be able to install Kodi on it. Although, it will be a tad more complex.

  • First, you have to download the Kodi Android app .apk file from the XBMC foundation’s website at
  • Then scroll down the page until you see the different platforms available and tap on the Android icon.
  • A dialog box will then open with a choice of downloads. Choose the version most appropriate for your TV. You can also find information about your TV’s processor in its technical specifications. They should be in the TV’s manual or the manufacturer’s website as well. If you can’t find the information, just use the ARM V7 (32 bits) version.
  • Tapping the button will launch the .apk file download. Then save it to a known location on your computer.
  • Now, you need that .apk file that you just downloaded to be available on your smart TV. There are a couple of ways you guys can do that:
    • One of them is just to connect your computer to your TV via a USB cable. This might not work on all TVs but it will work on many.
    • Another option is just to copy the .apk file to a USB key and insert the key into the TV’s USB port as well. This will work on most TVs and doesn’t even need a USB cable so it might actually be a simpler way to do it, especially if you guys already have a USB drive.

Complete The Setup On The TV

Now from your TV’s settings menu, under security or whatever your system’s equivalent may be. Just make sure Unknown Sources are enabled. Without it, you guys won’t be able to install the .apk file.

Using the TV’s file manager application, you just have to navigate to the location of the .apk file and tap on it to open the installation of Kodi. On some TVs, you may be asked what program to use in order to run the .apk file. Select Package Installer–or something like that–or Google Play, relying on what’s available.

Within a few minutes, Kodi should be installed on your smart TV too. Just like along with a TV that has the Google Play Store, launching it is a simple matter of tapping on its icon.

What If Your TV Doesn’t Run Android?

If you guys have one of those TVs that run a non-Android operating system, then there’s really no way you can run Kodi directly on it. Does that mean you can’t enjoy the advantages of Kodi on ANY smart TV? Certainly not! When there’s a will, there’s a way. In fact, there are at least two ways you guys can do that. You can use an external TV box that runs Kodi or you can also run Kodi on a computer and cast the video to your TV.

Kodi on USB With A TV Box

This is the best way to enjoy Kodi on USB for your Smart TV. In fact, it might even be a better way than running it directly on your TV as well. There are dozens of different TV boxes you guys can purchase either online or through local brick and mortar resellers in your area as well. Some of these devices even come along with Kodi already installed.

And for those that don’t, installing it is really similar to installing it on a compatible smart TV. Some TV boxes also have access to the Google Play Store, however, some don’t. Sounds familiar?

Benefits Of An External TV Box

One major advantage of running Kodi on an external box is that it permits far more customization than running it on a smart TV. You guys could run your choice of applications other than Kodi on any TV box. Also, typical TV boxes having USB ports where you can also connect external devices too. Then you could connect an external USB hard disk to your TV box and use it to save your media collection. And if you wanted to share that collection with other devices, then you could also run a Plex server on your tv box. A separate TV box simply provides you more flexibility.

Another reason to run Kodi on an external box is portability actually. You can take your TV box to a friend’s house and easily connect it to their TV and network as well. Much easier than carrying a 55 inches around! And when going on vacation or on a business trip, then why not take the box along with you and connect it to your hotel room TV? Many hotels today have TVs along with external HDMI inputs.

The next reason you guys might want to run Kodi on USB for a TV box is its hardware. An external TV box will mostly offer better hardware than what’s built into many smart TVs. And there’s the entire technological evolution to consider as well. It is easier–and cheaper–in order to replace a TV box as new technology emerges than it is to replace an expensive TV.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “Kodi on USB” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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