Best Kodi Sports Add-ons – Official and Unofficial

Kodi Sports Add-ons

Kodi is one of the best platforms where users can actually stream live sports for free. But, if you have been using Kodi for some time, then you may have realized that it’s really hard to find useful and working sports addons. This is because sports addons are faced with many challenges; that includes being targeted via ISPs and copyright authorities, not being updated mostly, or even being abandoned or discontinued altogether. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Kodi Sports Add-ons You can Use. Let’s begin!

Nevertheless, if you want to watch live and on-demand sports on Kodi, then you can do that via installing the right add-ons. We have tested the most famous and latest addons, and this guide lists and reviews the best Kodi sports addons in 2021.

Use a VPN | Kodi Sports Add-ons

Kodi is safe, easy to use, and absolutely free, no matter what platform you install it on. Kodi doesn’t come along with any kind of content and doesn’t break any laws, however, that hasn’t stopped many ISPs and government agencies from cracking down on Kodi use. The app makes it possible for third-party developers in order to create add-ons that access content illegally. Even if you guys don’t use any of those unofficial programs, then your privacy could be at risk each time you start a stream.

You can also secure yourself from these invasions of privacy through using a good VPN. Virtual private networks create a safe tunnel between you and the internet via encrypting every packet of data that leaves your device. No one can tell what you’re watching, and no one can tell where you guys are from. You’re free to stream sports, watch live TV, and browse any corner of the internet that you like!


NordVPN does each and everything a dedicated Kodi VPN should. It opens up tons of possibilities to spoof past geoblocks to catch live sports streams from across the globe when guaranteeing your privacy while viewing. It’s easy to use, affordable, and available on your favorite device–what could be better than that?


At the core of NordVPN’s tremendous offering is actually a powerful server network numbering up to 5,800 nodes in 59 countries. Connect through NordLynx–a cutting-edge encryption protocol. That is both unbreakably strong and fast enough to make sure buffer-free streams. Even in HD as well. SmartPlay smart DNS helps you to break past stronger VPN blocking measures, such as Netflix’s infamous proxy ban.

NordVPN never imposes limits on your streams; and no bandwidth or speed caps, unlimited server switching, and also zero discrimination on traffic type (even P2P).

Select Your Add-ons – Official and Unofficial

Well, kodi’s software environment is roughly divided into two categories: official and unofficial. The former includes a single repository tested and approved via the Kodi development team. All of these add-ons are guaranteed safe and legal, that means you can install them and start streaming without fear.

Unofficial add-ons are known to bend the rules a little bit more. They give access to more sports and videos than official add-ons, however, some of those sources may not be legal. Unofficial add-ons also disappear without even warning, making them unreliable in the long run.

The type of add-on you use is entirely up to you actually. Be aware that installing third-party content may be against your local laws actually. Addictive Tips does not condone or encourage any violation of copyright restrictions as well. Please consider the law, victims, and risks of piracy before even accessing copyrighted material without permission

Turn on Unknown Sources

Kodi offers many methods of repository and add-on installation. All of them need a quick settings to change before you can add new content, however. It’s perfectly safe to do, just follow these steps and you’ll have each and everything prepped and ready to go.

  • Just open Kodi and tap on the gear icon in order to enter the System menu.
  • Head to System Settings > Add-ons.
  • Toggle the slider next to the Unknown sources option as well.
  • Now accept the warning message that pops up.

Install Official Kodi Add-ons

All of Kodi’s official add-ons are packaged in just a single repository that’s included with each and every Kodi installation. You don’t even have to do anything special to access them, just find the repo, pick your content, and start streaming. Follow the steps below to install the official add-ons below as well. Refer back to this section if you need help remembering what you can do.

  • Run Kodi, head to the main menu, then select Add-ons.
  • Tap on the open box icon and select Install from repository.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Kodi Add-on repository.
  • Select the Video add-ons category.
  • Search for your add-on via name, and then install.

Install Unofficial Add-ons

If you select to go down the unofficial add-ons path, then you’ll find hundreds of more options at your disposal. Many of these repositories won’t work, and also many others will be poor quality or difficult to use. When you find one that strikes the right balance, but, you’ll be set for sports, movies, TV shows, and so much more as well.

Installing unofficial add-ons is much like installing official add-ons actually. Their repositories aren’t contained in Kodi, though, so you’ll have to add them manually actually. Below is the basic outline of an installation process for any unofficial add-on too. Refer back to this section if you want help remembering what to do.

  • Locate a repository that contains the add-ons you need to install.
  • Then note the repository URL.
  • Open Kodi and tap on the gear icon at the top.
  • Scroll to File Manager, then select Add source in the left pane.
  • In the Add File Source window, press the center where it says <none>.
  • Then type the repository URL into the box. Make sure you enter it exactly when it appears, otherwise Kodi can’t download the repo.
  • Tap on OK then types a name for your repository in the lower box.
  • Return to the Kodi main menu, and then tap on Add-ons and enter the open box icon.
  • Select Install from the zip file and choose the repository you just added.
  • Look for the repo via name, then click to enter it.
  • Browse the repository’s contents for your add-on as well. You may also have to enter several sub-folders before you can find it.
  • Install the add-on. After a few moments, it will be available from Kodi’s main menu actually.

Best Kodi Sports Add-ons

Kodi’s official sports add-ons make it really easy to access live sports streams, on-demand content, news, interviews, scores, and almost everything in-between. The add-ons below are completely free to use, although you’ll need an active subscription along with a cable provider. Or along with the add-on’s source service in order to use them.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra pulls content from NBC’s official online broadcasting sources actually. The channel is home to a huge variety of sports, also including NASCAR, the PGA Tour, NHL games, Premier League soccer, the Super Bowl, and also even the Olympics! The streams are high quality and easy to use, with just a few taps and you can kick back and enjoy too. Note that you will have a subscription to a U.S.-based cable provider. In order to make full use of NBC Sports Live Extra.

Install NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra is also included in Kodi’s official repository, that makes installation a breeze. Follow the instructions above to access the repo, then scroll down the alphabetical list in order to find NBC Sports Live Extra. Install it, then go back to the main menu in order to complete the process.

When the add-on is installed, you’ll need to activate it. Open the add-on and Kodi will prompt you to pair your device. Follow the instructions below in order to enable access, then you’re ready to stream.

  • Visit
  • Select your device and cable provider.
  • Type in your activation code listed in the Kodi pop-up window.
  • When activated, NBC’s website will redirect you to your cable provider’s login page.
  • Enter your details and then sign in.
  • When activation is complete, head back to Kodi, then close the pop-up, and start streaming.

FOX Sports GO

The official add-on for FOX Sports GO sources content from FOX’s online TV Everywhere service for fast and high-quality sports streams as well. The app also includes a solid variety of events, also including NBA, NHL, and MLB games. Just like other network-based add-ons, you’ll have to activate by pairing Kodi with an active cable provider subscription. When you do, you’ll have the full run of FOX Sports GO anywhere you install Kodi.

Installing FOX Sports GO

Installing FOX Sports GO is instant and easy. Follow the guidelines above in order to access Kodi’s official repository, then browse for the add-on in the alphabetical list as well. Next, you’ll have to pair the add-on along with a cable provider subscription to activate it. Kodi will automatically prompt you to do this the first time you open the app. Follow the steps below in order to activate and start streaming.

  • Now copy the activation code from the Kodi window.
  • Just vist
  • Enter your code, then choose your cable provider.
  • You’ll be redirected to the cable provider’s login page as well.
  • Now enter your details and sign in.
  • When activation is complete, head back to Kodi and start streaming.

If you’re a big baseball fan, then catching the odd game or two on network-based add-ons might not be enough. Fortunately, Kodi also offers a direct add-on to’s library of streaming and on-demand content. Watch every regular-season game, live or at your leisure, directly from Kodi on any device you guys own. You’ll have an active subscription along with the service to use the add-on.


In order to install the Kodi add-on, just follow the instructions above to access the official Kodi repository. Inside, scroll down until you find in the alphabetical list actually. Install it, then access it at any time from the main add-ons menu as well.

Best Unofficial Kodi Add-ons for Sports | Kodi Sports Add-ons

Network sports streams and official games are great, however, sometimes you need more than local feeds and big events. Along with Kodi’s unofficial add-ons, you can access sports from around the globe. Also, including smaller, less famous sports that mostly don’t make it to cable or satellite TV!


Kodi Sports Add-ons

SportsDevil is an amazing sports streaming add-on for Kodi actually. The extension comes along with dozens of live sports streams ready to go. All you have to do is just pick a source and start watching. Along with SportsDevil, you’ll have free and unlimited access to soccer, NFL, NBA, hockey, golf, tennis, boxing, UFC, and much more. The add-on favors live content over on-demand videos, so you’ll have to tune in at the right time in order to catch the game.

How can you Install SportsDevil

SportsDevil is available in a number of famous repositories. We favor the seduNdneS repo, because it keeps the add-on as up-to-date as possible. In order to get SportsDevil, first, install the seduNdneS repo, and then find the add-on itself and install it as well.

  • Follow the steps above in order to install unofficial add-ons.
  • In the Add Sources step, just type in the seduNdneS URL:
  • In the next step, name the repo something descriptive such as sedundnes.
  • Complete the installation steps and also access SportsDevil from the main add-ons menu.


FTFA is actually an unwieldy and unusual add-on, but oddly enough, that’s what actually makes it so good. The extension is designed around live content rather than on-demand videos. You pick shows and sports via navigating channels based on location, that picks from a variety of UK- and U.S.-based servers for a staggering amount of variety. Such as SportsDevil above, it takes some getting used to. However, when you know where to go you’ll be able to jump in and get your sports to fix in seconds.

How to Install FTFA

FTFA is best accessed via installing it from the Brettus Repository. You may have to verify the installation through an external website after launching the add-on. However, it only takes a few seconds and is absoultely free.

  • Follow the steps above to install unofficial add-ons.
  • In the Add Sources step, just type in the URL:
  • In the next step, you have to name the repo something descriptive such as toptuts.
  • Find the Brettus Builds repository within the toptuts repo and then install it.
  • Complete the installation steps and also access FTFA from the main add-ons menu at any time.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “Kodi Sports Add-ons” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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