LG V40 Android Pie Updates, Security Updates & Much More

What do you know about LG V40 android pie updates? The page is used to keep a record of all software updates for the V40 ThinQ. Also, we have discussed more updates not only for the global alternative, but also for each of the major carriers in the US: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. We also discuss LG V40’s Android 10 update and its uncertain launch release date.

Latest features: Screen recorder, Digital Wellbeing, and Wi-Fi calling

The latest update for LG V40, coming in as the model of software V20d. The update is now available in India. V20d also brings some goodies. Such as Wi-Fi calling, Screen recorder, Digital Wellbeing, and the latest Status bar icons for these services.

However, the update also becomes available in Europe and various parts of the world. It also includes in the US, where the users AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon also wait a bit longer for the update. If you need a date, then the other month could be your best.

Do you think LG V40 Android Pie gets Android 11?

You are sad to hear about it that the LG GV40 won’t get an Android 11 update.

The company released the V40 with Android 8.0 Oreo on-board. So, after the Android 10, its 2 major updates will be over. LG’s keeps record isn’t exactly attractive now. Also, they are yet to launch Android 10 for the V40 and takes time to come out using Android 9 Pie too.

Do you think LG V40 Android Pie gets Android 10?

LG V40 was no doubt one of the most underrated phones of 2018. Also, it’s been over a year when its launch, but still it is an amazing mobile phone to own, providing the best value for your money.

However, the mobile phone came with Android Oreo. Also, it was updated to Android Pie in June 2019. As usual, LG allows its V-series devices two major Android OS upgrades, also we expect V40 to get the same thing.

What do you think Android 10 for LG V40 comes out?

  • May 19: Now Android 10 is also available for T-Mobile V40 users!
  • May 14: Finally, the update of Android 10 is available for LG V40 at AT&T (model V405UA30b)
  • Other carriers in the US updated soon

AT&T amazed us for good after becoming not just the first carrier in the US. It also beat the global V40 sets to launch the Android 10 update.

Global V40

Launch date Software model— Changelog
10 Apr 2020 V20d (India) — March 2020 security patch
It brings amazing features such as Wi-Fi calling, Screen recorder, Digital Wellbeing, and many other Status bar icons. Size: 709.53 MB
02 Aug 2019 V405EBW20A — Android 9 Pie (India)
19 Jun 2019 V405EBW20A — Android 9 Pie update in Europe (view the full changelog at the end of the tutorial); May 2019 security patch
11 Oct 2018 V09a04 — Betterment of Camera HDR performance, Sharpness and Color at outdoor condition, the black phenomenon of video recording, AF performance with triple shot
08 Oct 2018 V09a — Improvement in low-light HDR, low-light image quality, AI Camera Image Quality, white brightness and balance at outdoor condition, Performance Auto Focus

AT&T V40

Launch date Software version — Changelog
14 May 2020 V405UA30b — Android 10 update with April 2020 security patch
19 Feb 2020 V405UA20y — January 2020 security patch
02 Jun 2019 V405UA20e — June 2019 security patch
May 2019 V405UA20d — Android 9 Pie update (see the full changelog at the end of the article)
Apr 2019 V405UA10o — April 2019 security patch
Mar 2019 V405UA10n — March 2019 security patch
28 Jan 2019 V405UA10m — January 2019 security patch
04 Jan 2019 V405UA10l — Support for 5G indicator
Dec 2018 V405UA10k — November 2018 security patch
14 Nov 2019 V405UA10j — October 2018 security patch, camera improvements
Oct 2019 V405UA10d — Pre-installed

T-Mobile V40

Launch date Software model — Changelog
19 May 2020 Android 10 update (Size: 1.37 GB)
09 Nov 2019 V405TA20j — October 2019 security patch
03 Oct 2019 V405TA20i — Up to September 2019 security patch
25 Jul 2019 V405TA20h — July 2019 security patch
21 Jun 2019 V405TA20g — Android 9 Pie update; Improvement of system, improvements to Open Group chat, modifies to WiFi calling default settings, and May 2019 security patch
26 Feb 2019 V405TA11e — February 2019 security patch
Jan 2018 V405TA11d — December 2018 security patch
05 Nov 2018 V405TA11c — October 2018 security patch, camera improvements, and other bug fixes
19 Oct 2018 V405TA10c — Pre-installed

Sprint V40

Launch date Software models— Changelog
03 Mar 2020 V4051J20b — February 2020 security patch
04 Jul 2019 V405UA15b — June 2019 security patch
Mar 2019 V405UA14a — March 2019 security patch
31 Jan 2019 V405UA13a — January 2019 security patch, camera enhancement, Sprint Voice, and LTE feature enhancement.
17 Dec 2018 V405UA12a — December 2018 security patch
Nov 2018 V405UA11a — Maintenance launch
Oct 2018 V405U10a — Pre-installed

Verizon V40

Launch date Software models — Changelog
20 Mar 2020 V405UA20g — March 2020 security patch
23 Jan 2020 V405UA20f — January 2020 security patch
17 Dec 2019 V405UA20e — November 2019 security patch
01 Nov 2019 V405UA20d — October 2019 security patch
24 Sep 2019 V405UA20c — August 2019 security patch, native screen recordersecure power-off
27 Jun 2019 V405UA20b — June 2019 security patch
24 May 2019 V405UA20a — Android 9 Pie update April 2019 security patch
Feb 2019 V405UA10e — February 2019 security patch
30 Jan 2019 V405UA10d — December 2018 security patch
14 Nov 2018 V405UA10c — October 2018 security patch, new camera features, and bug fixes
19 Oct 2018 V405UA10b — Pre-installed

US Unlocked V40

Launch date Software models — Changelog
Feb 2020 V405QA20e — January 2020 security patch
17 Jun 2019 V405QA20a — Android 9 Pie update  May 2019 security patch
16 Jan 2019 V405QA11e — January 2019 security patch
14 Nov 2018 V405QA11d — December 2018 security patch
19 Oct 2018 V405QA10d — Pre-installed

LG V40 Android 9 Pie update changelog

Well, it’s the official changelog from Verizon (same for all revisions) for LG V40 Android 9 Pie:

Home touch buttons with a gesture:

  • Just swipe/move up to switch to the Overview or App drawer. Swipe/Move the right to scroll to the most currently used app.

Use the Volume keys for media:

  • By default, the Volume keys now adjust from ringtone volume to media volume.

Display the lockdown option:

  • In the lockdown mode, you can’t use biometrics, all lock-screen alerts are hidden, and Smart Lock disable. Hit and hold the Power key and choose Lockdown.


Cine shot:

  • It can easily make cinemagraphs and take still pictures with a small repeated movement.

Part Slo-mo:

  • It records a video up to 5 scenes in slow motion. Also, you can edit which parts to play in slow motion and modify the speed.

AI composition:

  • Once AI CAM detects a person, it recommends the best composition.

Story shot:

  • Come let’s take a selfie with good composition and background exposure.

YouTube Live:

  • You can go live with YouTube Live directly from LG Camera.


Screenshot with URL:

  • Screenshots have a URL so that you can visit again the website from where the screenshot was captured (compatible with Chrome).

Brilliant Gallery zoom:

  • When an image was taken in Portrait, touching and holding on it temporarily erases the blur.

Album bar:

  • Enables you to transfer photos or move to other Gallery albums instantly.

Fundamental enhancements

Home screen lock:

  • Secures apps and widgets from accidentally being reorganized or erased.

Dual App:

  • Enables you to use two of the same apps together with various accounts. This feature aslo works with Facebook Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Skype, Viber, Telegram, KakaoTalk, QQ Mobile, Hike Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, ICQ, Zalo, and Snapchat.

Game launcher:

  • The launcher keeps the games and shorts related to the game in one place.

Pinto screen:

  • Capture a screenshot with Capture+ then pin it to the screen to use the information in other screens or apps.

Brief notifications:

  • Display notifications in a lighted bubble after using only a small part of the screen. The entire screen doesn’t have to wake up to display notifications.


So that’s all about the LG V40 Android Pie Updates. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Is this article helpful? Have you ever face any issues in this article? Have you found any other alternative that we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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