Microsoft Android Phone Isn’t The Surface Phone

Microsoft Android Phone Isn’t The Surface Phone you’ve been begging for. For years Microsoft fans have been holding out for a ‘Surface Phone’. Yesterday it could seem that — if you squinted hard enough — that Microsoft gave it to them. As the Surface Duo is barely a phone at all. It’s way weirder as well as more daring than that. And the strong reason to temper your excitement for Microsoft’s big leap into the world of Android.

Mark your calendars for next Christmas:

In case if you didn’t catch that detail yesterday, it will be at least a year until we see the Surface Duo land. Microsoft was giving us an early glimpse.

The original foldable devices like the Surface Duo a subset. It is simply due to their quality, as far as I’m concerned. The interesting thing is form factor, but the software which actually makes use of it isn’t really there. In case if it’ll be there, I’m not sure yet what it will be any more useful than prior short-lived smartphone gimmicks like super-modular designs or 3D screens. Like other attractive devices, plenty of OEMs have foldable devices planned for the next year.


Microsoft has had problems with hardware:

Many reasons to think it might take Microsoft more than one try to get the Surface Duo right. As we know that the early Surface PC hardware, the issues and repeated bugs that plagued Surface Pros and even recent Surface Books.?

  • As a Surface Go owner, I’ve just come to accept being:
  • randomly hanging on reboot
  • unable to change my brightness and inconsistencies like backlighting, flickering
  • keyboard connection issues

Hardware Problem

It’s not a big deal for me, alongside my big-boy laptop the Go is a cheap supplementary device. But I can’t accept issues like that comes to my phone.

Microsoft’s clearly been working on its new Android phone and sort out iron issues. As for how long it took Microsoft to get the Surface line “right,” there’s definitely the main reason to be concerned about the Surface Duo.

Even when it lands, it won’t be for you:

Lastly — and I think if Microsoft gets its vision perfect when it finally does land, the Surface Duo clearly isn’t made for the general consumer. As it isn’t “Surface Phone” folks have been imagining for years.

According to Panay’s Microsoft wants people to do work on this phone, it’s all about “how productive you can be on it,” later he said that “people need to use their phones to be more productive.” Microsoft can’t spend much time talking about how great it is to listen to music, attend to social media on its phone and watch videos as you might hear at a Samsung event.


Surface Duo is not “just” a phone or doesn’t seem like a phone. It’s dual-display folding device isn’t the dream of a Surface phone most fans had. Because users wanted something that was more plainly a phone but the Surface Duo will exist outside that sort of restrictive label.

So before you hype yourself too much over Microsoft’s Surface Duo, keep in mind the temper, the wait for your expectations, and think about how it’s meant to be used. Maybe this isn’t the Surface Phone you were hoping for — it could be better for some of us.

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