Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center Updated With ARM64 Support


Recently Microsoft updates its Keyboard and Mouse Center software with ARM64 support. Also, it makes it possible to install the app that suite on devices such as Surface Pro X. The modification launched in Mouse and Keyboard Center 12. The update also brings the utility to model 12 and provides ARM64 PC owners more control over their Microsoft mouse and keyboards.

The utility enables you to customize some aspects of Microsoft-made peripherals such as the Surface Precision Mouse. You can also use the utility to customize what some mouse buttons do and control other functions.

Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center

Mouse and Keyboard Center 12 compatibles the following new devices initiating in model 12:


  • Ergonomic Mouse
  • Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Mouse
  • Bluetooth Keyboard

The MS Mouse and Keyboard Center can’t work with Windows 10 PCs in S Mode. Also, it can’t work with Windows 10 PCs powered by ARM processors until the update. Now, many Windows 10 PC experts can customize their mouse and keyboard experience.

The utility also comes with a huge variety of settings and preferences for compatible peripheral devices. It enables mapping additional buttons, assigns advanced choices to mice buttons, and so on. Using a Surface Precision Mouse, you can then set it so that dragging the cursor to one side of the display will enable you to begin controlling a second PC that the mouse is paired with. It’s quite similar to how it works dragging the cursor between displays on a dual-monitor setup.


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