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minecraft seed converter

Well, Minecraft players should not be discouraged whenever they find a Bedrock seed. That they would rather instead play on Java Edition. Just like the seed itself can be instantly converted into a seed that is compatible and playable on Java as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Minecraft Seed Converter – Convert into Java Seed. Let’s begin!

There are actually millions of different seeds out there for Minecraft players to chose from. But, players need to be careful whenever hunting down a new Minecraft seed that they really would like to use. Some of these platforms even have up to one edition of the game. However, Windows 10 is the only app that actually has two versions that are different. Since they’re built on different technology too; the Bedrock version and the Java version.

Minecraft Seed Converter – Convert into Java Seed

Minecraft Bedrock vs Java

Well, they both offer the same type of gameplay, the underlying technology that basically the apps are built on is different. This is why resources that actually work in the Java version won’t really work in the Bedrock version, and vice-versa.

There are some of the exceptions though; seed values.

Minecraft seeds

A Minecraft seed is basically a bit of code that is used to generate a world in the game actually. The code is basically a number and different numbers generate different worlds. A Minecraft seed for a Java-based world cannot actually use it directly in a Bedrock-based world. In order to generate the same world and vice-versa. Rather, the seed needs to be converted before you can get identical worlds actually.

Minecraft world seed conversion | Minecraft seed converter

Before you guys can convert seeds, Just keep in mind the following;

  • We can also convert all of the Bedrock sees to Java seeds as well.
  • There will be some differences in the world that are generated and spawn points will likely be different too.
  • Structures like the Dessert temples, Jungle Temples, Mineshafts, Strongholds will not be in the same place actually.
  • The Biomes and the map will also be a close match to the original world seed as well.
  • We can also convert the Java seeds to Bedrock seeds, however, the success rate is about half. That means you guys won’t be able to convert all Java seeds to Bedrock seeds as well.

Convert Bedrock seed value to Java | Minecraft seed converter

In order to start conversion, you have to find the seed value for a world created in Bedrock.

  • First, of all, just open the Minecraft Bedrock version.
  • Then on the home screen, just click Play.
  • Now on the list of worlds, press the Edit button next to the world you want to get the seed value for as well.
  • Scroll down to the seed field, and also note down the numerical value. You also have to take note if the seed value has a negative (minus) sign before it).
  • If the seed value is positive (then there is no minus sign), we can use it AS-IS. It does not really need to change and you can read via the Java version. The Bedrock seed value will basically range between 0 to 2147483648
  • If the seed value is negative, then you have to add 4294967296 to it. In order to convert it to a Java seed value (do not remove the minus sign whenever you are adding it to the Java version).

minecraft seed converter

Convert Java seed value to Bedrock | Minecraft seed converter

In order to convert a Java world’s seed value to Bedrock, then you need to follow the steps below;

  • Forst of all, open Minecraft and tap on Play.
  • Choose the world that you want to get the seed value for, and head to its settings.
  • You need to take note of the seed value in the respective field.
  • If the seed value is negative (actually has a minus sign), and you guys CANNOT really convert it to a Bedrock seed value.
  • If the seed value is positive, and it lies between the range 0 to 2147483648, then you guys can use it AS-IS in Bedrock.
  • And if the seed value is positive and it lies between the range 2147483649 to 4294967296. Then you must subtract 4294967296 from the value and use the resulting value because of the seed value in Bedrock.

Use Seed values

The process to use seed value is the same in both the Java and Minecraft version as well. Whenever you guys create a new world, you then have the option to enter a seed value rather than letting the game pick a random one. Just create a new world, and in the seed field, you need to enter the value that you have as well.


Well, I hope you like this “Minecraft seed converter” article and understand all the steps. However, if you still have any problems and queries related to this article. Then feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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