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MobiKin Guide To Transfer Data Between Android Phone

MobiKin Guide To Transfer Data: Data transfer is difficult when it comes to smartphones. You can transfer pictures and videos easily enough, and certainly, music can be moved too if it isn’t DRM protected. But the phone has more than photos and media. It has apps, call logs, contacts, messages, and much more. They’re difficult to copy they’re not possible to copy like the images and videos. You want an app for the job and you’ll also be able to find an app that can copy call logs or contacts. The messages are a bit complicated. The simplest way to move data between phones is by using an app on your desktop. Simply connect the phones you like to move data between to your desktop, and the app will take care of everything.

The only issue while using apps to move data between Android phones is that they’re mostly built for when users purchase a new phone. The major objective of these apps is to help you set up a new phone. Also, these apps can’t enable you to keep data on the phone you’re moving data to but there are always exceptions. The data transfer app i.e MobiKin Transfer for Mobile can clone the data from one phone to another. But also enables you to selectively move it to another phone without overwriting existing data.

MobiKin Guide To Transfer Data Between Android Phone

The cost of MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is $49.95 for a single license for a year. During writing, a massive deal is going on and then you can get this for only cost $29.95. Also, there’s a lifetime license that costs $59.95, which is available for only $39.95 at the time of writing.

It also provides a trial version that can move ten log entries, ten contacts, and ten messages. It’s best for trying the app out and if you plan to purchase it. Also, it can’t work as advertised, the developers provide you a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

If we talk about the features, MobiKin has only a single purpose; moving/transferring data. It has a quite simple interface that guides you through the few permissions you want to allow on your Android phone. As for the Android perspective, MobiKin supports Android 4.4, and later.

If you want to transfer data, MobiKin installs the MobiKin Android app on both phones i.e source or destination. You can also delete the app later after transferring data. However, if you want to move data again, then it will install the Android app on both phones.

Transfer data between Android phones

Run MobiKin and attach the phone you like to move data from. On the phone, enable USB debugging.

After you enable USB debugging, The app will connect to the phone and then read the data from it. It takes a few amounts of time to read the whole data. Repeat the same procedure for the phone you like to transfer data to.

Remember, the first phone is the ‘Source’ phone, and the other one is the ‘Destination’ phone. Simply you can tap the ‘Flip’ button at the top to transfer them.

After sorting the source and destination phones, you can simply use the column in the center to choose what it is you like to transfer. If you like to keep the data on the destination phone i.e., not remove it, remember ‘Clear data before copying’ choice is not turned on at the bottom of the destination phone. Just tap ‘Start Copy’.

It takes a few amounts of time to copy the data. You can also use the USB standard the two devices support, also the version of Android that they’re running. Older devices will take too much time to read or write data.

The copied data will be quite identical from the data that was already on the phone. But you must know which message, contact, call log entry, etc wasn’t there before to be able to select it out. The copied data also appear in the default apps on the destination phone. For example, after copying messages from an old phone to a new one, the messages appear in the default messaging app on the destination phone.


Here’s all about on “MobiKin Guide To Transfer Data Between Android Phone”. MobiKin works as advertised using the price that might seem steep to some users. The app’s interface also moves data between iOS devices. You must give it a try but we did not have much luck getting the app to acknowledge an iOS device. You should begin with the trial version if you plan to use the app for an iOS device.

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