My VR Headset Doesn’t Have a Button – How it Works


my vr headset doesn't have a button

Google Cardboard was actually one of the first ridiculously cheap ways for folks to experience virtual reality. Its cardboard material might raise questions as to its durability and long-term use actually. However, there is actually no denying that the device made VR apps more accessible for each and every one. Since then, many other VR headsets made via smaller manufacturers to big names such as Samsung have entered the market. In this article, we are going to talk about My VR Headset Doesn’t Have a Button – How it Works. Let’s begin!

Along with some of these other headsets, you guys might also notice a small design and feature difference. That is, some headsets do not have an action button. This might raise the question as to how you guys will ‘navigate’. A VR app if your headset does not have an action button which, frankly, quite a few do not. You guys might even think if what you’re getting is a substandard device. Here’s how a VR headset without even an action button works and the implications of buying one actually.

My VR Headset Doesn’t Have a Button – How it Works

In the absence of this button, how does a user interact along with a VR headset? The solution resides along with the VR app that you guys actually use. VR apps use ‘head movement focus’ in order to allow the user to interact along with elements inside a VR app. An element that a user can interact along with is highlighted in the UI. And when the user focuses on it, mostly with a sniper-like cross-hair cursor that appears on the screen, the app records it as input actually. A user must focus on the spot for a really short interval for it to register as input. Take for example the following screen from the iOS game Zombie Shooter VR as well.

Also, notice the cross-hair that is aimed at the circle inside the door. Whenever the circle completes, the door then opens. The user must remain focused on this spot until the circle is complete for the app in order to register it as an input actually.

The game, just like its name implies, is actually a shooting game. In order to play it, the user must focus on their target as well. The app simulates walking and gunshots on its own actually.

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What this actually means is that even if your VR headset doesn’t have an action button, it will still function perfectly well too. There will also be some exceptions though. For apps that don’t actually support head focus control, you guys are in for a lesser experience. It is also possible that you guys simply cannot use the app along with your VR headset.

The good news is that apps such as that are rare to come by. Most will also let you focus and send input along with your head movements. Because the app makers will want folks to use their app regardless of how expensive or also cheap their VR headset is. All in all, if your headset does not really have an action button, you aren’t missing out on too much as well.


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