How many Narnia movies are there in Total

Narnia movies

Well, we are bang in the middle of a pandemic and life has never been iffier. The shift from hectic workdays at the office in order to snug home workspaces has also made room for some cozy reading and movie-binge sessions. That leaves us all a tad bit happier. If you guys want to re-watch your childhood favorites or catch up on movies that you missed as well. Now is the time to do it. A series we’d highly suggest would have to be ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ actually. In this article, we are going to talk about How many Narnia movies are there in Total. Let’s begin!

How many movies has the franchise released?

1. Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe
2. Narnia: The Prince Caspian
3. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Well, the movies in this series were quite the rage, back in the mid-2000s and early 2010 as well. The production house, Walt Disney has also released three movies so far, as part of the film’s franchise too. The first movie is ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’ that came out in the year 2005. The second film, ‘Prince Caspian’ was basically released in the year 2008 and then the third installment of the series, ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader came out in 2010 as well. The production house has also lined up the fourth film in the series – ‘The Silver Chair’. However, nothing is confirm as of yet. Walt Disney Studios is also in talks along with Netflix to curate a series and web films that will continue the stories of Narnia as well

How did the movies come into existence?

The first movie in the franchise – ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, was basically released in the year 2005 and was also inspired via C.S. Lewis’ fantasy novel series –The Chronicles of Narnia, published in the year 1950. The movie versions of this franchise have also been adapted from the novels under this series. However, tweaked to suit audiences of those times.

What should you know about books | Narnia movies

The Chronicles of Narnia via C.S Lewis is a set of 7 novels, along with its background set in the fictional world of Narnia. The main characters dwell in England where they actually lead typical, boring, conventional lives. All of this also changes whenever they walk into a wardrobe, only to find the world of Narnia actually. The rest of the story and novels cover the a lot of adventures that the main characters are engulfed in, in the realm of Narnia. The novels explore a lot of fictional, mythical creatures and an almost breathtaking plot.

If you’re into books over movies, then this is the perfect all-week read. Hot chocolate and the entrapment of a good fantasy series sounds really welcoming, doesn’t it?

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe | Narnia movies

The first film in the franchise was actually released on the 9th of December, 2005, and was directed via Andrew Adamson. The movie starts along with four British siblings being transferred from London to the countryside. During a game of hiding and Seek, the youngest, Lucy, finds herself hiding in a wardrobe that basically leads to an unknown province. The story then moves forward to the siblings discovering Narnia. However, eventually gets trapped in a war with the White Witch. They forge a relationship along with Aslan ( a Lion ) and eventually, win this battle.

Prince Caspian

The second movie in the franchise was basically released in May 2008, directed via Andrew Adamson. This movie revisits the characters of the previous movies, albeit, a lot of grown-up versions of them, that are going back to the wardrobe. Fast forward to 1300 years later in Narnia, a realm that is struggling to fight its corrupt leader and Caspian’s uncle, King Miraz. The siblings lend their support to Prince Caspian along with the secret help of Aslan for the throne.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader | Narnia movies

This film was released on the 10th of December in 2010 and was actually directed via Michael Apted. This movie also follows the younger siblings’ return to the kingdom of Narnia along with their cousin via a painting of an ocean. There they are rescueing from the ocean in Narnia via the Dawn Treader. Caspian is now the King of Narnia and also has to rescue the seven lost lords. However, the siblings protect Narnia from an evil entity residing on the dark island as well. They are testing along the way, on their journey to Aslan’s home at the far end of the world as well.

Yet to be released projects

The franchise also has a Netflix series and films in the pipeline, that they are basically working on alongside C.S Lewis Company. This will revisit the plots of the films, however, will mostly be a true adaptation from the books written via C.S Lewis.

The book, ‘The Silver Chair’, is suppose to going to make into a feature film. However, nothing is concrete as of now. We can only hope, that the franchise picks up as well.

Book vs Movies | Narnia movies

Now, this is a tough one! As a voracious reader, I am now incline towards the intoxicating, heady smell of books, and also the idea of reading. However, then, I also love movies. So this is a rather difficult choice actually. The books are a real treat to your imagination and addictive as well. The movies on the other hand are a really beautiful escape. The visuals are magnificent and the cast, just simply brilliant!

We’d say, do both! The movies don’t really stick to all that is in the book and are also tweaking to cater to dramatic audiences. If you’re a film fanatic and don’t even care about fictional facts. Then just watching the movies will suffice. Otherwise, you can always read the books post-binge-watching too.


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